Deputy Mayor of Education: Shen Yun is "Full of wisdom"

ATHENS, Greece--Enthusiastic applause and joyful laughter resonated through the Badminton Theatre in Athens on the evening of Thursday, June 3, 2010, responding to the first of two shows from Shen Yun Performing Arts Touring Company.

The show was originally to be held at the Athens Concert Hall, but a last minute postponement, suggesting possible outside pressure on the concert hall, forced a quick change in venue to the Badminton Theatre.

Deputy Mayor of Education Irene Papageorgiou attended the performance. "I was really impressed. It's a fantastic show! It's so colourful, with wonderful music! The male and female dancers are fantastic."

Ms. Papageorgiou heard about Shen Yun while attending a previous show, Evita, and said that from seeing Shen Yun she had learned much about Chinese culture. "It's full of wisdom. They are good warriors, and they have faith ... and they are disciplined people."

She felt sorry for friends who had not attended the show. "I will tell them that they have missed a wonderful show."

Many people may have missed their opportunity to see Shen Yun due to an unexpected discontinuance in ticket sales which was not immediately made known to event organizers.

Retired private foreign language teacher German Barbara Hadjiantoniou also attended the show with her friend and retired ground hostess for Swiss Air, Sylvia Nikolopoulou. They found it "unacceptable" that the venue for the show had to be changed just a few days before, citing technical problems in the original theatre. According to the hosting Falun Dafa Association, this was the result of pressure from the Chinese Embassy in Athens.


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