A Westerner’s Experience of Demonstrating the Falun Gong Exercises to Mainland Chinese

A German practitioner

I am a Western Dafa practitioner who has been clarifying the truth to Chinese people at our local airport in Germany. Here, many relatives, friends and business people wait for the Mainland Chinese passengers at the arrival gate, so I find it an opportune place to demonstrate exercises one through four. Of course, at the beginning, I did open my eyes a little to see if there were any reactions. As it turned out, nearly all the waiting Chinese people turned their heads in my direction, and a lot of them watched for a time. I also handed out informational material to people. I found it is much easier to reach the Mainland Chinese through their relatives and friends than handing out information material directly to them. Finally when the Chinese passengers crossed the arrival gate and saw me doing the exercises, I saw all kinds of reactions, from surprise to admiration, from amazement to shock. Only a very, very few became upset. But no one, really no one, remained unmoved seeing a westerner doing the exercises freely and openly. I demonstrated that Falun Gong is not persecuted all over the world like the Jiang's regime propaganda lies! I have never felt the energy so powerful as it is during these occasions. Everything is upright, and it is a very strong and intense experience every time.

Later, a fellow Chinese practitioner who works at a travel agency told me that several surprised Chinese tourists told her they saw a young man doing Falun Gong exercises at the airport. She took it with a smile and clarified the truth to them as well.

My experience after doing this on several occasions is that one or two western practitioners are able to make a huge impact on these Chinese people. To the average citizens, I was only a person doing some exercises similar to Tai Chi, but all the Chinese people knew very well what I was doing. We were also able to come in contact with waiting relatives. These conversations were all quite productive.

I do this activity alone or with just one other fellow western practitioner. One of us does the exercises while the other hands out truth-clarifying information. For maximum effect, this number of people is quite enough, while a larger group might cause difficulties with airport officials. Finally, it is a wonderful feeling to know we have saved some Chinese people from the poisonous and vicious Jiang regime's propaganda.


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