United States: Shen Yun: 'Magnificent! It really touched my heart!'

Enthusiastic audiences continue to warmly respond to Shen Yun Performing Arts as it graces the stage at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. With a full orchestra of both Western and Eastern instruments, the New York-based performing arts company delighted the Los Angeles audience with traditional Chinese culture, including ethnic dances, classical music, and legends.

Three people from the audience shared how they were moved by the depiction of traditional Chinese culture through classical Chinese dance and song. Ms. Winton, a retired interior designer, Ms Cayse, an interior designer and Ms. Kornfield, were all quite taken with the Shen Yun performances.

Ms. Winton said, "I thought it was beautiful. It was beautiful!" The singers struck a cord with her, "The tenors were marvellous. So were the instrumentalists, and I thought the dancers were very, very poetic."

Ms. Cayse was deeply touched, "I loved the show. I thought it was the most magnificent show I've seen! This was really an emotional show." Pleased that she had attended, she said, "I thought the whole show was a very interesting afternoon, well spent. Very much so." She elaborated. "The staging was beautiful, the choreography was just exquisite. And the costumes, we couldn't believe them. I thought it was absolutely first class. You couldn't ask for anything better. It was an emotional performance and it really touched my heart."

Moved by the performances, Ms. Cayse said, "The music, the dancing and the expression. I could tell what the stories were about and they just meant a lot to me."

She felt that Shen Yun was a show that should be seen by everyone. "I feel that this is something everyone should see. It should not be missed, because it tells about people's traditions, their hopes, and I think it's absolutely magnificent."

Ms. Kornfield nodded in agreement, and added, "It was the most fabulous production."
She enjoyed the music that was played by the Shen Yun Orchestra, which combines classical Western and traditional Chinese instruments, producing a very beautiful and unique sound. "The music was sensational."

The beautiful array of colours in the costumers caught her eye. "Such beautiful costumes and colour! I just love the colours and the combination of all the colours and the fabrics. The fabrics were outstanding. Because of the design aspect of it, I think it was so well staged."

Ms. Kornfield said the show deeply touched her on a profound level, "The show had some very wonderful messages. I think that it incorporated freedom of speech, love, beauty and just so many things that come to mind. And I think that's what it portrayed to me."

She concluded by saying, "We just really enjoyed it, so much. Oh, I just hope that people can come and see it wherever it is, and I hope we can see it again too."


Also in the audience was Mr. Wood, a college professor and photographer. This was the first time he had seen Shen Yun Performing Arts, having attended on the invitation of a Korean friend.

"The choreography and costuming were outstanding, very top notch."

It was "phenomenal," he said.

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