UK: MPs take Action Against “Chinese Embassy’s Policy of Ignorance towards MP’s letters concerning the plight of Falun Gong practitioners”

UK Member of Parliament Dr Lynne Jones has tabled an Early Day Motion regarding the ignorance displayed by the Chinese Embassy in London, when they are contacted by MPs regarding Falun Gong. Effectively, the tabling of an EDM is a device to draw attention to an issue, and to elicit support for it by the means of inviting other Members of Parliament to add their signatures to the motion. One UK MP posted the EDM to a practitioner and wrote: “Please find enclosed a copy of the Early Day Motion tabled by Dr Lynne Jones concerning the Chinese Embassy’s Policy of Ignorance towards MP’s letters concerning the plight of Falun Gong practitioners. I am optimistic that this will draw a reply from the Chinese Ambassador to the letters he has received from hundreds of MPs (including me) and has so far failed to respond to.” 31 UK MPs have already signed the EDM.

Editor’s note – The quoted MP’s name has been omitted because MPs previously named on this website have subsequently received a large influx of vile propaganda from the Chinese Embassy.

EDM 1320


That this House notes that the Chinese Embassy has circulated unsolicited material to honourable Members regarding Falun Gong; notes the discourtesy of the Chinese Embassy in failing to reply to letters from honourable Members in relation to human rights for Falun Gong practitioners in China which calls into question the sincerity of the message from the Chinese Ambassador in the document commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the establishment of China - UK ambassadorial diplomatic relations, that constructive dialogue on the basis of mutual respect and equality is the only positive way in handling differences; and calls on the Government to seek assurances from the Chinese Ambassador that points of concern raised by honourable Members will receive a considered response.

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