United States: Gymnastics School Owner says "The dancers were just beautiful!" at Shen Yun

As part of its 2010 world tour, Shen Yun Performing Arts performed three shows at Worcester's Hanover Theatre in Worcester, Massachusetts on February 6th-7th.

Gymnastics School Owner: "The dancers were just beautiful!"

Attending the show was Mr. and Mrs. Marktavian Martin and their daughter. The family runs a successful gymnastics school called "Sterling Gymnastics," which also teaches dance. Their staff has included former gymnastics stars from China, including Ms. Ke Ru Cai, a former team member and coach to the Chinese National Gymnastics Team Program.

Mrs. Martin talked about the show saying, "This is our first time here. The show was just beautifully done. Lots of colour and movement. The dancers were just beautiful!

Mr. Martin shared his thoughts on the show's music, "The combination of the music - I mean, combining Western instruments as well as instruments from China - that was very good. That was a good blend. So, that was really good."

"It's beautiful, truly beautiful!"

Also enjoying the show was Jennifer Joning and her friend, Sonya Hernandez.

Ms. Joing commented on the show saying, "It's beautiful, truly beautiful! It's so interesting to see the mix between classical dance and the Chinese culture, and with a Chinese flair on top of it.

"And the choreography - which took up the whole stage - the colours, the movement, and the staging! And this is besides the unbelievable talent."

Regarding the "Mongolian Bowl Dance," she remarked, "To have that kind of control, to be able to spin and stay in one place, and their flexibility and their extension and their timing, it's all amazing!"

She continued, "I don't remember what piece it was, but the male dancers all did a perfect straddle-jump, picture-perfect, picture-perfect timing, the type of thing that you only see after a dance company works together for years. It is like everyone on stage knows each other as well as the music."

Ms. Hernandez added, "Beautiful, beautiful. Everything, every piece. I just think it's great! This is my first time seeing a show like this. And the dancing, the movements, it's beautiful and it really touches you, it touches you inside. So that's what I'm getting from this whole experience. And, or course, the "Mongolian Bowl Dance" was one of my favourite pieces."

Ms. Joning interjected, saying, "I was just thinking about what you were saying about how emotional that Falun Dafa piece was and I'm watching this unbelievable dancing, unbelievable skill and then the emotion that's being conveyed on top of that. That was a piece I think really touched my soul, really touched my heart, and I just love that little girl. And she's got incredible poise and talent, and for her to be able to act out that drama, amazing!"

Sonya quickly added, "I know she was beautiful!"

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