Mr. Qi Guangfa from Linghai City, Liaoning Province Detained at the Linghai Detention Centre

At 10 p.m. on December 26th, 2009, officers from the Linghai Police Department and State Security Team in Liaoning Province drove to Shuangyang Town, Linghai City in several vehicles. They surrounded Mr. Qi's home, jumped over the yard wall, smashed the kitchen window and forcibly broke into his house. At that time, Mr. Qi was in his mother's room taking care of her. His mother, who is about 80 years old, lay paralysed in her bed. When she heard the window being smashed, she held onto her son, but the officers forcibly dragged Mr. Qi onto the floor.

Mr. Qi's mother cried and begged them not to beat her son. The police said: "Even if you die today, we will take your son away. We don't care." Then, the police ransacked the house and took away many things. That evening, Mr. Qi was taken to the Linghai Police Department.

Later, Mr. Qi's family went to the police department. The guard at the entrance told them to speak to the state security team, which they later did.

Mr. Qi's family inquired about why Mr. Qi was taken away. One officer said: "It is against the law to practise Falun Gong. The authorities say to arrest and we just follow the order." Mr. Qi's family said: "In Shuangyang Town, everyone says Mr. Qi Guangfa is a good person." The officer told Mr. Qi's family that they would find Mr. Qi at the detention centre.

That was how Mr. Qi's family learned that he had been taken to the Linghai Detention Centre.

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