United States: Human Rights International President says Shen Yun is Enlightening and Spectacular

Dr. Lawrence Bland, president of Human Rights International, for Washington Metro, enjoyed the Shen Yun Performing Arts debut held at The Kennedy Centre Opera House on January 19th, 2010.

"I thought it was an enlightening show, spectacular. It had all the elements of excitement, enjoyment. I think there was a real message there as well, that the world could be a lot better if we paid more attention to it," said Dr. Bland.

"I think the dances were expressive, the choreography electrifying. I could go on and on and on but I enjoyed the show immensely. I wish that more people saw this."

Dr. Bland: "The one single thing that stood out is that people care about people the world over, if you give them half of an opportunity."

Dr. Bland, who is also involved in the financial and legal sectors, was amazed with the show. He heard previously about the New York-based Shen Yun Company, finally saw the show for the first time, and was touched by Shen Yun's presentation of China's ancient cultural heritage through classical Chinese dance, music, and song.

"It [Shen Yun] is just something that speaks for itself. It stands on its own, and I think anybody who gets exposed to it will have the same or similar opinion of what my feelings are."

He feels that the general public has not been exposed enough to classical Chinese culture, and added, "The Chinese culture is a first class culture, first class people."

"That's a sense of awareness of who I am, where I come from, what my history is, my culture, something that I must have respect and high regard for. It would make a tremendous impact on anyone who got exposed to that."

"The one single thing that stood out is that people care about people the world over, if you give them half of an opportunity. I've learned a great deal about the Chinese culture. And I am more than willing always to share that with anybody. I'm happy to be here this evening."

Reflecting on the impact that the Shen Yun show had on him, Dr. Bland said, "That life doesn't have to be as tedious. It could be lived a little better if we were a little more human, if we cared about the elements, about the history."

Source: http://theepochtimes.com/n2/content/view/28324/

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