United States: Asian Community says Shen Yun Performing Arts "Transcends all ages, all ethnic backgrounds!"

Ms. Moridomi from the Chinese Benevolent Association was in the audience at the Sacramento Community Centre Theatre to see New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts on Monday evening, January 11th, 2010.

"This is my first time seeing the show and I enjoyed it very, very much - I'm very happy I was able to come to see it."

"The whole programme was excellent - and the costumes were beautiful - but the part that I really enjoyed was how the dancers expressed [feeling] - the one where they were showing about the persecution, the dance that he did to express his feelings - to show the people about the Falun Gong followers. He danced it with so much emotion, and so much feeling - I think the audience could all feel it - how beautifully he interpreted that, [in] the dance."

Ms. Moridomi was speaking of the piece "Astounding Conviction," depicting a Falun Gong practitioner being persecuted by the police, which is still taking place in China today.

Encourages Other to See Shen Yun

Mr. Eng, a member of the Chinese-American Council of Sacramento, joined the enthusiastic audience and expressed his appreciation for Shen Yun.

Mr. Eng, a member of the Chinese-American Council of Sacramento

"I wanted to just express how much I appreciate the performance. It is an outstanding job done by the cast and I'm glad that it was able to come up to Sacramento... The show was great. It was outstanding. It was very well done."

"I like the diversity of the different cultures that were represented. It's very good, very well done... Great music, great dancing, great job. Great production all in all - A-plus," said Mr. Eng.

"I think it is very artistic. And what was interesting is that the audience was very mixed. It's not just Asians. There were a lot of non-Asians in the audience as well. It's a performance that transcends all classes, all ages, and all ethnic backgrounds."

"It's obvious to me that the entire cast enjoys what they do. I think they are very proud of what they do too."

"I'm proud of them because to the community it's very symbolic, of China and people that are Chinese."

Mr. Eng will encourage others to see the show, "Come, come. They should come. In fact, one of the things our organisation, the Chinese-American Council of Sacramento, did was to donate some money towards a Florin High School Asian Club so that some of the students could come. We believe that much in the program, and what a great job this group from New York did!

"About 17 [students] came ... from the Florin High School Asian Club."

In conclusion, Mr. Eng said "I liked it all ... I'm sorry it had to end. I look forward to next year."

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