The Dictator Brings Disaster Wherever He Goes

June 12, 2002

When I recently looked at the web site, I was immediately attracted by three articles. In the first article, I read that the despotic Chinese dictator coerced the Icelandic government into violating its own democratic, free principles by refusing to issue visas to Chinese and Taiwanese passport holders during the period of his planned visit to Iceland. The dictator of China, it appears, fears to see the peaceful appeal of Falun Dafa practitioners who are known for their kindness and their peacefulness. The next two articles however, reported the vigorous support and openness of the Icelandic citizens and media to Falun Dafa and to Falun Dafa practitioners. The contrast of attitudes between the government and the people is both glaring and thought provoking.

Since July 20, 1999, the head political rogue of the Chinese government has adopted the most vicious and the most malicious means to suppress more than one hundred million Falun Gong practitioners who simply cultivate goodness in their hearts. In the last three years, over a thousand innocent Falun Gong practitioners have been persecuted to death, more than a hundred thousand people have been sent to prisons, forced labour camps, and psychiatric hospitals, countless harmonious families have been broken apart, and countless innocent people have suffered inhumane persecution. During these three years, the dictator has been suppressing good people, indulging lawlessness on the part of the police, inciting the police to commit crimes against Falun Gong practitioners, thereby having them "enforce" the law while violating the law, and controlling the media to spread rumours and fabricate lies to defame Falun Gong. Cries of discontent have arisen everywhere.

Now the dictator is on a tour to make a show of himself. Wherever he goes, he threatens to cancel his travelling arrangements in order avoid the peaceful practitioners, and to force the democratic country he is visiting to suppress the freedom of belief and freedom of speech it previously vigorously supported. However, the public opinion of democratic countries is not so easily moved. While the government of Iceland is doing everything to accommodate this dictator, the people of Iceland are filled with a sense of injustice, and have sent forth their strong voices without hesitation, welcoming Falun Dafa practitioners to Iceland!

Iceland is a small, peaceful and beautiful island country with a population of 260’000. It has only 500 to 600 police officers nationwide, and no armed forces. People live together in peace and harmony, caring for and helping each other. The crime rate is extremely low. Some call it a paradise.

However, the Chinese dictator's approaching arrival has brought about a great disturbance in this peaceful island country. The concessions offered by the government violated public opinion. The people of Iceland enjoy democratic freedom, and will not remain silent. A violation of Falun Gong practitioners' freedom of speech is a violation of the freedom of all democratic nations. Each citizen has the right, indeed, the responsibility, to safeguard that freedom. Public opinion is responding vociferously. Newspapers, television and radio stations, and mainstream newspapers are all criticizing the government's unconstitutional and irrational action. What is more, the mainstream newspapers are printing several pages of positive reports about Falun Gong every day. After publishing the truth of the brutal persecution in China, a poll done by one of the newspapers showed that 90% of the populace welcomes Falun Dafa practitioners to Iceland to carry out their peaceful protest. Many in government have also criticized the improper actions of the Ministry of Justice. Even non-governmental organizations and human rights organizations have expressed enormous support and encouragement by inviting Falun Dafa practitioners on their own initiative. The Falun Dafa Information Centre has received electronic mail from many Icelandic citizens stating, "If you cannot come, I will protest for you."

The Icelandic government has received unprecedented pressure from the populace. The used-to-be peaceful and harmonious little island is now filled with inharmonious sounds. Moreover, tourism is the mainstay of Iceland's economy. However, this policy of entry refusal will certainly have repercussions. Thousands of Falun Gong practitioners overseas are not able to enter Iceland, airline tickets that were already bought have to be returned, and hotel rooms that have been booked now have to be cancelled, bringing a huge loss to Iceland's economy. This loss will inevitably be borne by the innocent people of Iceland.

Last month, when the Chinese dictator visited Germany, the older people of the little German town where he stayed recalled the terror of World War II. This time the dictator has brought discontent to the people of Iceland and disharmony to their government even before his arrival. He has caused a huge economic loss to the nation. The dictator doesn't just bring disaster to his own country. He brings disaster wherever he goes.

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