The First Eighteen Hours After Our Arrival in Iceland -- A Series Report from Iceland, Part IV

Washington D.C. practitioners in Iceland

June 12, 2002

On the morning of June 11, 2002, twenty-six Dafa practitioners from the United States, Canada and Australia arrived at KFE International Airport in Iceland. When passing customs, all Asian-looking people were barred. All of the Dafa practitioners were detained. In addition, every one was interrogated separately. We realized that this was an opportunity to clarify the truth to the customs agents. The government of Iceland did such a thing merely because of the pressure exerted by Jiang's scoundrel regime. Although each of the staff present had a brochure that slandered Falun Gong, undoubtedly given to them by Chinese authorities, they didn't believe these materials at all. They warmly provided all necessary conveniences for practitioners: telephone, food and beverages. They listened to us introducing Falun Gong and how Jiang conducts the brutal persecution of Falun Gong in China. They were also moved by our calm, peaceful exercise demonstration.

At noon, we were informed that we would be taken to a school. We asked why, but the police didn't answer us directly. Some practitioners actively contacted with outside practitioners and the media. This made the head of police unhappy. Although some practitioners wanted to wait until the media came, when thinking from the standpoint what is best for others, and using our compassion to enlighten their kind hearts, we agreed to get on the bus to go to the school. As soon as the bus drove out of the airport, a very big camera was pointing at us. We waved to show our appreciation. On the way we did Fa Zheng Nian [maintaining a tranquil mind after reciting a Falun Gong verse once – Ed. Note] continously.

It was even more eventful when we arrived at the school. All the media in Iceland had been waiting for us. Practitioners enthusiastically accepted their interviews. The national TV Station, on their own initiative, provided us with a contact phone number. The media pushed the positively reporting about Falun Gong to a new level.

The critical 60 minutes

At around 5:00 p.m., the police informed us that our 26 practitioners would be sent back to our respective countries. The next scheduled flight would take off in 60 minutes. Practitioners said, "We need 15 minutes to think it over." We did Fa Zheng Nian together. Then, we clarified the truth to them and explained the situation from the viewpoint of their own interest. We still failed to make progress. The head of police even said, "This is the final decision that is impossible to change. Either you leave here peacefully or be forcibly taken onto the plane." At that moment, the practitioners were not in consensus. Some were afraid that the latter would bring shame on Dafa; some thought whether we would be allowed to go to other countries; some prepared to give their tickets to the police. In the meantime, the head of police had been in contact with his superiors - the Department of Justice.

We did Fa Zheng Nian again. Near the end, one practitioner said, "For the bright future of the Icelandic people, we should send forth our compassionate thoughts." We almost tearfully sent forth our much purer and much more steadfast righteous thoughts. Shortly after this, the police said, "You can stay, at least until tomorrow." All of us applauded. Dafa practitioners felt gratified by the righteous choice the Icelandic government had made. At midnight, we were able to pass through customs.


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