Epoch Times: Violin Virtuoso Showers Shen Yun with Praise

GENEVA – "It's absolutely magical," said Armène Stakian, a professional violinist, who obtained a Premier Prix de Virtuosité from the Geneva Conservatory of Music followed by a Premier Prix and Diplôme Supérieur, from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels.

She was full of praise for the New York-based Shen Yun Performing Arts debut performance held Tuesday evening at the Théâtre du Léman in Geneva, September 29.

As an artist herself, Ms. Stakian said an enormous amount of work was required to reach such a high standard as Shen Yun

A work of consummate beauty and goodness, Shen Yun brings to life in story-based dance and music, China's millennia-old cultural heritage.

"I'm a professional violinist, I teach at the Geneva Conservatory and I perform as a soloist in Chamber Music, that's why I particularly appreciated the show of the Shen Yun company, it's absolutely magical," she said. "I felt this word – the feeling of something magical."

Ms. Stakian enjoyed each performance that came and went in a "cascade" of magic each time the curtain closed to reveal yet another vista of colour, among them, swirling silk skirts, grand processions and celestial beings flying across a 3-D digital backdrop and appearing like magic on stage.

Groundbreaking orchestral music of Western and Chinese blends as one and matched perfectly with each dance at hand.

"The ideas are simple, but they are so profound and so related to nature, I think it is very important," Ms. Stakian said.

"In our society we've lost this the link – not lost, but the intensity of this link with nature has diminished a lot, and also with the essential things.

"When we see these dances, for example ... it was magical, yet so simple."

Ms. Stakian related easily to deeper messages conveyed in the story-based dances of heroic ancient legends, courageous tales of the China of today, and of folkloric traditions from China's vast region.

"Ah, it's really easy to understand, because [Chinese traditions] always related with the elements, with things related to nature – human nature and the nature that surrounds us. So we are under the impression of never being lost.

"The Chinese civilisation that has existed for 5000 years gives a nice example ... of this form of wisdom, of knowledge and consciousness, of the fact that we are connected."

Ms. Stakian said Shen Yun artists deserve an award of the highest accord.

"Because it is a lot of energy from these young people. Myself, I know the work that this represents, so it deserves to be highlighted. These dances are really hard to do, this requires a lot of work, a physical flexibility. This is not easy."

As an artist herself, Ms. Stakian said an enormous amount of work was required to reach such a high standard as Shen Yun.

"Yes, it is huge work to get there. We don't see this work, it looks so easy, it's always the same thing, right?

"But for me, as an artist, I know that the amount of work is enormous and that when something looks easy that means it is a success."

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