Urgent Action Case Sent to the United Nations: Mr. Li Feng in Critical Condition

Mr. Li Feng, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Anguo City, Hebei Province, has been held at the Hebei No. 4 Prison (Shijiazhuang Beijiao Prison) for a long period time and is now in critical condition. The Falun Gong Human Rights Working Group has sent the case to the UN through urgent-action procedures.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) unjustly sentenced Mr. Li Feng to 15 years under the charge of intercepting cable television signals in 2002. Some practitioners committed this brave act in order to inform the public about the brutal persecution. He has been detained at the Hebei Province No. 4. Prison. His health has been severely damaged as a result of the persecution. Doctors at the Shijiazhuang People's Hospital and the No. 2 Provincial Hospital diagnosed him as having had a heart attack, as well as suffering from hypertension and coronary disease. In January 2006, Mr. Li was unconscious for 12 hours. He was hospitalised for two days and could not eat for about two weeks. On June 2nd, 2009, Mr. Li's blood pressure was 180 and at times reached 230, and his legs were swollen. Recently, he suffered third degree hypertension, with vertigo and dull expression, and he has become very weak. His health condition is life threatening.

Urgent-action procedures are designed to prevent the victim of human rights abuses from serious danger. Based on the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights," the UN has established related commissioners or committees, which are called "The United Nations human rights mechanisms," to monitor how each member country follows the standard. If a commissioner is sent to investigate a case of persecution, the member country must reply and follow up with the investigation.

Mr. Li Feng's case has been registered with the UN for investigation. We are calling for urgent help. We also call on Hebei No. 4 Prison and related members in Hebei's justice system to immediately release Mr. Li Feng, who has been unjustly imprisoned and mistreated.

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