Illegally Detained after Riding 300 Kilometres to Appeal for Falun Gong

By a Dafa practitioner

May 18, 2002

On October 26, 1999, I set out on a journey of over 300 kilometres on a bicycle to appeal for Falun Gong in Beijing. I was arrested soon after arrival, but I refused to tell the police my name. Two police officers handcuffed my arms tightly behind my back and interrogated me, but I still refused to divulge my identity, in spite of the severe pain the handcuffs caused. Failing to obtain my identity, they tightened the handcuffs and pressed them against the wall. Thirty minutes later one of them said, "You'll win the victory by perseverance." Then they opened the handcuffs and asked my name again, but I refused all the same. They wanted to handcuff me once more, but I suddenly shut my eyes and fell to the ground. Although I appeared to have passed out, I was in fact still conscious. They dragged me into a small basement where a lot of practitioners were also detained. There was a desk on the north side of the room and they put me on it. At that moment, I was clear in my mind that I must tell the truth of Dafa to the State and the people even if I would die for it.

A police officer came up to the desk and I got down to face him. He asked my name. I peacefully said to him, "I have told you already that my name is not important in this matter. I came here to appeal. If you let me read my appeal material one time, I'll tell you everything." Then the policeman agreed.

I took out the material and read, "I have a great mother. She is my country China. I have countless brothers and sisters who are good people. They are Falun Dafa practitioners. I have a good teacher. He is Teacher Li, who teaches us to be good people and to become even better by elevating our moral values. It is beneficial to the state and all the people of the country..."

After I finished reading, the policeman sitting at the door said, "I'll give you two more minutes to speak." It was a precious two minutes. I said, "After I practiced Falun Gong, I once found that my daughters had been paid more than 50 Yuan for selling pears. I found out about it 5-6 months after it had happened. Although I didn't do it, I am the master of the family and I could not accept the money. So I returned the money to the buyer. Another incident occurred over some electrical wire passing through my yard. Before I practiced Dafa, I made two cuts on the wire and installed another circuit in my house. Every night, we stole electricity from the public utility line. After I became a Dafa practitioner, I dismantled the circuit because I realized that I shouldn't harm the interests of the public."

The police registered my name after I finished. They let me sit with the practitioners in the room. Through talking I knew that all of them were from various locations around the country. A female practitioner from Henan Province had come to Beijing with a baby that was still nursing. She was so great. When we stopped talking, the policeman at the door said, "You can talk about your practice." Less than 20 minutes later, the people from the liaison office of Shijiazhuang City in Beijing came to pick me up. After that, I was held in a detention centre for 30 days before being released.


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