Turkey: Truth, Compassion, Tolerance International Art Exhibition Brings Grace to the “City of Great Forbearance”

From June 1st to 3rd 2009, the Truth, Compassion, Tolerance International Art Exhibition was successfully held in one of Turkey’s cities, Antakya, which usually has the beautiful name of “the city of great forbearance”. The event received favourable comments from the local people of all backgrounds. Some important local media reported on this exhibition.

The city’s cultural bureau gave great support and help for this art exhibition, enabling the exhibition to be held in the city government office building. The exhibition received the good graces of many local personages from the art world and art lovers, as well as some teachers and students from middle school and elementary school, and ordinary civilians. There was an endless stream of viewers everyday.

Explaining an artwork to a viewer People earnestly view the artworks Two journalists come to report on the exhibition

After Sahnaz Yilmaz, a female painter, had appreciated every piece of art work for a long time, she commended them saying: “These art works embody the concept of Truth, Compassion , Tolerance fully.”

After a director of the city land management agency, Mr.Huseyin Tanyol, saw the paintings he sighed with admiration and said: “This art exhibition enables us to understand the cruel torture that is currently happening in China. Thanks very much to the Falun Gong practitioners for telling all this to the world's people.”

A school teacher at Fidanli Ataturk elementary school called Mr. Ramiz Bakirin wrote in the visitors book: “These paintings deeply move me. That good is rewarded and evil is met with retribution is a heavenly principle, and those who take part in persecuting will meet with necessary punishment one day.”

A physical training teacher by the name of Derya Duyan, after viewing carefully each artwork, said to a Falun Gong practitioner that he felt these works bring a glorious message of kindness, and expresses it without comparison, and he said that he could not find better words to describe his feeling of excitement. In the end, he wanted to study the five exercises of Falun Gong, and then teach them to his students.

Sinan construction university teacher and Antakya government adviser Mr. Ihsan Otkan, went to view the art exhibition many times within two days. He said that he liked the paintings very much and that he would do his best to enable the city government ministry of culture department to support and help to all future Falun Dafa activities held in the city.

Students from Hataya School learning the exercises A female painter leaves a message of praise for the exhibition

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