Finland : Falun Gong practitioners Expose the CCP’s Persecution

On the 25th of April ten years ago, in order to fight for the basic human rights of believing in “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance” and the legal right to practise, over 10,000 Falun Gong practitioners peacefully petitioned to the Complaints Bureau of the States Council in Beijing. The appeal was so peaceful, rational and orderly that it gained admiration from people. Ten years later, Falun Gong practitioners in Finland held activities at the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Embassy in Finland and Helsinki Central Train Station to commemorate “4.25” and expose the CCP’s brutal persecution of Falun Gong.

In the morning of the 24th of April, practitioners gathered opposite the Chinese Embassy and held up banners with slogans such as “Falun Dafa is good”, “Ten years anniversary of Falun Gong practitioners’ peaceful appeal on April 25 and anti-persecution”, and “Immediately stop persecuting Falun Gong”. They distributed leaflets to those who came to the Embassy for visa applications. From time to time, people gave them thumbs up to show support.

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Liu Yumei, who was recently rescued by the Finnish government, had been illegally arrested eight times and endured all kinds of torture for not giving up the practice. She hoped the ten-year anniversary of “4.25” would awaken people’s kind conscience to learn the truth. She said, “On the 25th of April 1999, Falun Gong practitioners quietly waited for the result of the petition. Forty-five practitioners had been illegally arrested in Tianjin, which was the reason why we waited there. Falun Gong improved people’s health and taught people how to be good. We trusted the government that the appeal would bring a good result. We wanted to inform the government and leaders of the country about our personal cultivation experience in a peaceful manner.

To the Chinese Embassy, practitioners explained about the persecution time and again via a loudspeaker in Chinese and Finnish. They kindly urged the Embassy staff to learn the truth and awaken to quit the CCP, thus choosing a bright future.

On the 25th of April, practitioners went to Helsinki Central Train Station. They displayed banners, collected signatures on petition forms, distributed leaflets and demonstrated the five exercises of Falun Gong. Through a loudspeaker, a Finnish practitioner recounted Falun Gong practitioners’ peaceful appeal on “4.25”, clarified the truth of CCP’s ten years of persecution of Falun Gong and called upon stopping the persecution together.

A Chinese person who now lives in Finland said, “I believe Falun Gong suffers persecution in China. I know that the CCP is very evil. My whole family has been persecuted. I must renounce it.” Other than showing practitioners sympathy, he said that he knew they were saving people with their hearts by urging people to quit the CCP. Finally he said he wanted to know more about Falun Gong.

A Finnish lady who lives in Ethiopia told a practitioner that she felt what they did was extremely important. She believed that soon Falun Gong practitioners will be able to practise freely in China. Previously Ethiopia was also under the communist rule and lacked religious freedom as a result. Nowadays things are different. Practising Falun Gong should be fine as well. She wished practitioners success.

Two young women from the World Wide Fund for Nature carefully studied the exhibits. Having heard practitioners explain about “4.25” and the subsequent persecution, they were stunned and immediately signed to condemn the persecution.

Falun Gong practitioner Wu Zhiping was illegally sent to labour camp for two years. Later he escaped to Thailand where he stayed five years before being rescued to Finland by the Finnish government. His family were also persecuted for practising Falun Gong. His mother Wu Yuxian and auntie Wu Yuwen were persecuted to death. His brother Wu Zhijun was illegally detained at a jail in Guilin City, Guangxi Province. His wife Zhu Luoxin has been incarcerated since the end of 2001 at the Women’s Prison in Guangdong Province. For eight long years, Wu Zhiping has not seen his wife even once, let alone knowing her latest condition. The plight of Wu Zhiping and his family shocked many Finns and won their sympathy.

A gentleman from Iraq asked what the event was about and what Falun Gong is. Upon hearing practitioners’ explanation, he said gravely, “What can I do to help?” When told that he could sign the petition, he solemnly put down his name. Later, he called over his friends to sign.

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