People Awakening to the Truth: Two Stories.

1. Not Enough Police

A "Law Enforcement School" principal frequently assaulted and swore at Falun Dafa practitioners and slandered Dafa. Was it for his acts of evil, perhaps, that he suffered the retribution of almost becoming blind? Following the incident, he felt deep regret and decided to no longer beat or swear at Dafa practitioners.
When his superior wanted to send more practitioners to his "Law Enforcement School," he replied, "That' impossible. We don' have enough police [to handle any more Dafa practitioners]."

2. The Propaganda Is See Through

A Dafa practitioner asked a passerby whether he believed that the murder and self-immolation propaganda blaming Falun Dafa for those incidents and shown on TV was true. The passerby said, "I don' believe it. History has already told us that this kind of dictatorship can' survive in the long run." He also stated that many people knew the true situation and that there are numerous citizens who saw through the government propaganda.


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