My Nine-Year-Old Son Validates the Fa

One day in April 2008, when returning home from work, I saw several children fighting. I went over to them, and saw my nine-year-old son tightly holding two bags of things with his tiny hands, trying to protect them from being taken away by the other kids.

When I pulled him away, I discovered that he was protecting two bags of truth-clarification materials. My son said with tears in his eyes, "Mom, they tore down all the truth-clarification materials posted along the way. I stopped them, and that's why they all beat me." All the kids ran away as soon as they saw me.

My son was still crying on the way home. I thought that he might still be upset, so I tried to cheer him up, "My child, they beat you because they do not know the truth. We should not be angry as long as you know that Dafa is good." He wept bitterly and said, "Doesn't your heart ache to see the truth-clarification materials being torn down?" His words moved me deeply. I pulled him into my arms and we cried together.

At noon on the following day, when my son returned home from school, he told me with joy, "Mom, I talked to them, and they will no longer tear down the truth-clarification materials." I asked him with excitement, "What did you say to them?" "I told them that Falun Gong is not just for healing illnesses and keeping fit. If you believe that Falun Gong is good, you will be safe whenever disaster strikes." I had never imagined that my nine-year-old son could explain the facts this well without my instructions. I sighed with emotion, "You are a good kid. You've done better than us adults!" My son said instantly, "This is Teacher's power. It was Teacher who helped me." His words shocked me once again. From him, I found my shortcoming. A nine-year-old is able to be firm in his belief in saving sentient beings. How can an adult like me be over-cautious and indecisive in saving sentient beings?

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