My Understanding on "Evil Fails after Letting Go of Human Thoughts"

My Understanding on "Evil Fails after Letting Go of Human Thoughts"

By a practitioner from Heilongjiang Province

( I have a small set-up for making truth clarifying materials in my home. I burn CDs. In the past, a fellow practitioner always purchased the CDs for me. Recently he told me that he could not help me buy them anymore. He said that he could no longer hinder a fellow practitioner's cultivation. I was not very happy at the time, but I did not say anything. I thought that his buying the CDs was also building virtue, that it was a good thing for him, so I did not think much of his xinxing. when he stopped buying them for me.

Later on I started buying the CDs myself. When I was burning them I thought, "The CDs I bought were of good quality and also cheap. The ones I bought looked better than the CDs the other practitioner used to buy." In my heart I also thought some unfair things about the fellow practitioner because he would not buy the CDs anymore. I had these thoughts this while burning the CDs.

After I finished burning the CDs and started checking them, I was stunned. Half of them were bad. I tried again, and it happened again. I wasted quite a few CDs. I shut down my machine and started sending forth righteous thoughts. I also started looking inside. I realized that I never had this problem when I was burning the CDs the fellow practitioner bought. The CDs I bought were certified by the business and were guaranteed for return if they were defective. It did not seem to be a problem with the CDs, so it must be my xinxing problem that was taken advantage of by the evil. I followed this thought to look inside and found that I had many bad attachments: to anger, to showing off, and to competing. With these bad attachments, how could I do a good job validating the Fa?

I immediately started acknowledging my shortcomings to Master, sending strong righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil interference, and correcting my thoughts. I re-opened the CD burner to continue burning the CDs. When I was done, all of them were good.

Through this incident, I gained a deeper understanding of how the evil can persecute everything if our thoughts are not on Dafa. We can only get rid of the old thoughts to make what we are doing the most sacred. This is only my shallow understanding. If there is anything wrong, please point it out with your compassionate heart.

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