Thoughts on Rescuing Thirteen Practitioners in Qingdao City

Police in Qingdao City in China's Shandong Province illegally arrested the following 13 practitioners in January 2008: Jing Fengli, Lu Xueqin, Zheng Xiaoqiang, Guo Zhiqiang, Xu Zhifeng, Li Quanfu, Liu Lianjun, Yin Xinxiao, Liang Lijun, Sun Liping, Xiong Xianyong, Zhang Shouwei, and Li Tao. The 610 Office ( an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) has recently been working with the local government, court and procurator to cover up the brutal torture that these practitioners have been suffering since their arrest. They plan to prosecute the practitioners separately to make their situations less notable.

I looked inward to see if I was observing this like an ordinary person watching the news. I only cared about big events. Perhaps I did not care about isolated persecution cases and only cared about practitioners I knew. Perhaps I only cared about what was on the surface and got frustrated easily or complained about other practitioners not having righteous thoughts. All of my attachments were gaps. Every individual case of persecution is the persecution of our entire entity. Your trouble is my trouble and only a selfless mindset can tear down the partitions between practitioners and make us one body. When we are one body, every righteous thought, every flier, every call and every piece of mail will have the mighty power to eliminate evil and help every practitioner who is being persecuted.

On the surface, I seemed to think that I shouldn't be perturbed and must negate any old force arrangements and continue to clarify the truth of the persecution. But somehow, something did not feel right. For example, besides having lawyers defending practitioners, I knew that we needed to have other tools to break through. We needed to do well and stop the police from arresting us; to stop judges from sentencing us; and to stop prisons from locking us up. People have done great harm to Dafa and practitioners and they need to make up for what they have done. I felt that I had not done well as a practitioner and needed to grasp the little time left to save people and rescue practitioners.

Recently two articles on the Minghui website really inspired me. One of them shared on the experience of rescuing practitioners, "I realized we shouldn't be too caught up by how the legal processes should be, nor should we care too much about whether there will be a retrial. Based on the 'Fa,' we need to have the court immediately release practitioners unconditionally. If every one of us has this in mind, then 'Cultivation depends on one's own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one's master. ' (Zhuan Falun) Miracles will manifest."

The other article said, "Recently I did two things. One, I collected phone numbers of those who persecute practitioners and sent them short letters about the truth of the persecution. Second, every evening I sent righteous two or three times supporting those practitioners persecuted in our local area. I used to refuse sending righteous thoughts for rescuing practitioner because of my own selfishness." After reading this article, I started sending righteous thoughts several times in the evening for a while. One day one of the practitioners for whom I sent righteous thoughts was released. I was happy realizing the power of righteous thoughts was so strong. Later, almost every couple of days, a practitioner was released. I was shocked. I knew it wasn't just my power, everyone helped. However, I knew clearly the power of practitioners increased after I improved myself. I felt immeasurably lucky. Sending righteous thoughts as one body is the best way to coordinate.

I hope every practitioner can join the effort of sending forth righteous thoughts. As we eliminate our selfishness, we can more quickly eliminate evil.

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