Seize the Opportunity to Save More Sentient Beings

Recently I have been taking an effective and active approach in clarifying the truth. I would like to share my experience with fellow practitioners.

Distributing Materials on Buses

I noticed that there are usually many people taking buses, and they just sit there idle during the ride. I thought that it would be a great idea to distribute materials on buses, so I decided to take buses on different routes to do so.

After I distributed materials to customers on several buses, I gradually developed the attachment to fear and did not want to continue. Just then, somebody shouted, "I would like to have a copy please!" I realized that it was encouragement that Master was giving me, so I went on another bus and continued my mission.
On one occasion, after I was done with several buses, I got on one that was full of customers. The driver asked, "What are you doing?" I said, "Distributing advertising materials." I gave her a copy. She said, "I do not want it." I gave a copy to another person, and he did not accept it. On my way home, I examined myself: "I am a Dafa disciple doing such a sacred task of clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings, why would I be rejected?" It must have been hinted to me that I should not have said "distributing advertising materials." I should have said, "I am bringing everybody good fortune." Just the difference in one thought affected many lives to be saved.

Since then, I have always sent righteous thoughts and asked Master to strengthen the power of these materials so that they can be effective in saving sentient beings. Sometimes I went on long-distance buses. Once, I was on one and started clarifying the truth to the driver and encouraging him to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He then got rid of the portrait of Mao Zedong on his bus and replaced it with a Falun Gong talisman. I asked him to play a truth-clarification CD, and he played it twice for the customers on the bus. Everybody listened attentively. One of them asked me, "Where did you buy that talisman on your neck? Two people in my neighbourhood fell from the third floor on a construction site. One of them who had this talisman did not get hurt at all. The other one had to spend 3,000 yuan on his injury." I clarified the truth to her and gave her a talisman. When I got off the bus, the driver and some of the customers said "thank you" to me several times. I was so happy for them.

Clarifying the Truth During Holidays

During the Chinese New Year Holidays, I took the opportunity to clarify the truth to friends and relatives. After they understood the facts, I invited them to distribute materials with me. I also asked the children to help with the stickers, and many people even asked for materials from them.

I also went to villages and distributed materials door to door, village by village. Many villagers accepted the materials and thanked me sincerely.

I recommend that fellow practitioners should be like what Master described in "Tempering the Will" (Hong Yin), "Let joy be found in hardship." We should go visit villages that are far to help people there to quit the CCP. Sentient beings are waiting for us to save them. Within several days, I was able to help several hundred people to quit the CCP.

New Year greetings are a Chinese tradition. During the Chinese New Year, I usually started with the New Year greetings while making phone calls to help people to quit the CCP. Many of them were very receptive.
Master says,

"But regardless of how they have behaved, we still need to save them, for their lack of understanding is on account of their being lost in delusion. They cause some challenges for Dafa disciples because they cannot see things as they really are. Whatever their reason for coming here millennia or eons ago, they have, all the same, been awaiting this final time. We cannot decide against saving them just because they conducted themselves poorly in one lifetime or did some particular thing wrong. When Master looks at a living being, [what he considers] spans the entire course of that being's existence. If someone did a lot of great things in history, and even had many great achievements in service of validating the Fa, can we not save him just because he has behaved poorly in this lifetime?" ("Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference")

No matter what kind of people I meet and no matter what kind of attitude they have, I always follow Master's teaching.

Every time there is a major holiday, I usually wrap the materials with nice packaging paper and ask students to take them to their teachers. Often times, there are several hundred copies of materials being distributed that way. In the meantime, I take the opportunity to clarify the truth to students too. My son is a young Falun Gong practitioner. He also helps to distribute materials. Once, my son delivered the materials to a teachers' lounge, and many teachers read them.

Fellow practitioners, let us be diligent and not let Master down. Let us stay determined and do well the three things to save more sentient beings.

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