Wholeheartedly Believing in Teacher Is Fundamental to One's Cultivation

My mother started practising Falun Gong in 2001. She has gone through many tribulations during the past few years. In March 2008, she suddenly had a chest pain, spat out blood, and her nose bled badly. At the same time, she needed to urinate more frequently and had pain in her bladder. The whole family worried about her and tried to take her to hospital, but my mother refused. Therefore, they called a doctor from their workplace to come and the doctor put my mother on an intravenous drip which only helped to ease the pain a little bit. Whenever the drip stopped, the severe pain came back. As a practitioner, I knew it was an illness tribulation. She had to recognize the test and pass through it herself.

Two days later, she went to a hospital because she couldn't bear the pain. The doctor diagnosed her condition as pneumonia, diabetes and gallstones. She was perplexed after hearing the result. She thought the only thing she could do was to follow the doctor's instructions, such as taking medicine and injections. But nothing changed. In the end, the needle couldn't go in because her wrists were too swollen. She still couldn't consider herself a Falun Dafa practitioner. However, Teacher still looked after her and kept giving her hints.

Unfortunately, she did not enlighten to the situation. The tribulation was too big for her to overcome. Her attachment of fear emerged and she was unable to get over it. She cried and thought she was close to dying. I could not think of a way to help her and went to a practitioner's home and described my mother's situation. The practitioner immediately visited my mum at the hospital. He shared with my mum the importance of righteous thoughts, and helped her look at the problem from the perspective of the Fa. He pointed out that believing in Teacher is the key to getting rid of the tribulation. My mum was helped by the practitioner's sharing and let go of the attachment to life and death. The next day, she left the hospital.

After returning home, my mum kept up practising the exercises and studying the Fa despite the pain. Gradually, a miracle occurred. While she was doing the sitting exercise, she saw a pair of huge hands move a large dark green boulder from her back. She recovered after that. Now, my mum is healthy again. People from her workplace said in surprise: "Her illness came so fast, but disappeared so quickly." From this experience, my mum now completely believes in Teacher and has a fresh understanding of the Fa.

From my mother's illness tribulation, I learned that believing in Teacher is fundamental to one's cultivation practice. It is not something we just talk about. We must wholeheartedly believe in Teacher and the Fa. Also, truly believing in the Fa is based on the level of xinxing (character) and the level of Fa understanding. If my mother could have looked at the problem from the Fa and let go of the attachment to life and death, she might not have had such a big tribulation.

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