Short Stories from Our Village Practice Site

We live in a small, remote, mountain village far away from the city, and it is hard for us to hear any news from the outside world. Master started to teach the Fa in 1992, but we didn't obtain the Fa until 1997. I think that this may also be because of my pre-destined relationship with Dafa. There are a dozen people in my family cultivating Dafa. At first we studied the Fa and did the exercises together. We shared cultivation experiences with each other about our Fa study and our cultivation. Soon our home became the local exercise site. Many friends, relatives, and neighbours came to study the Fa and do the exercises with us. The following are some small incidents that I wish to share.

A Medical Expert Is Surprised

My neighbour, San Sao, had excessive bone growth on her lumbar and cervical vertebra and couldn't walk by herself. She went to many places and consulted many people to try to have her illness cured at any cost. But after having spent almost 10 thousand yuan, her condition grew progressively worse and she was almost paralysed. Finally she had a CT scan in the most knowledgeable local hospital and saw well-know medical doctors. They said that she must undergo an operation that would cost 40-50 thousand yuan. The doctor at the local hospital couldn't do it, but doctors from the Shanghai Hospital would be invited to perform the operation for her. Her family asked whether she would recover completely after the operation. Their answer was that there was only a possibility for a recovery, but if no operation was performed, she would soon be paralysed. Her family sighed and worried about her, but for a peasant family, 40-50 thousand yuan is really a huge amount of money! They wondered who they could borrow the money from.

I talked to San Sao and persuaded her to study Falun Dafa. I told her that if she truly cultivated herself, Master would cleanse her body of illnesses. She readily agreed and told her family, "From now on I will seek no more medical cures for my illness, but I will study Falun Dafa and do the exercises." After supper that day, San Sao walked to the exercise site with others helping her. Thus San Sao stepped onto the path of cultivation.

Three months later, a miracle occurred! San Sao could not only could walk by herself but she could also work on the farm. Later, when one of the doctors that she had gone to saw her relative, he said, "San Sao should come to have that operation or she will be paralysed." But to the doctor's great surprise, her relative said that Ms. San had recovered from her condition quite a while ago by practising Falun Dafa.

The Story of My Little Niece, Tianer

My niece was born in April 1998. Her father (a practitioner) was working in another city and took a vacation just to come home to see her. When they were changing her diaper, they found an angiokeratoma (a type of skin disease) on her bottom. They took the baby to a doctor, who said that when the child was a little older, she would need to be have this abnormal growth operated on. After they left the hospital, they went to the child's aunt's house instead of returning home. There, the father read the "Fa" to Tianer every day and forgot all about the angiokeratoma. When his vacation was over, they remembered the lesion on Tianer's bottom, but when they took a look, they saw that it had disappeared. Tianer is a child that came to obtain the Fa.

The family of Tianer's aunt witnessed the power of Falun Dafa. Back home, Tianer's mother carried the little girl to the exercise site to listen to the Fa and do the exercises each day. I remember one night when it was raining heavily, the adults didn't take Tianer to the exercise site and the little girl was very unhappy, crying and crying. Her mother said that Tianer was crying so hard because she might have had a stomach ache. Fellow practitioners said that the child was a little Dafa disciple and she was unhappy because she couldn't listen to the Fa. They said, "You should take her." So her mother took her to the practice site, and as soon as she heard the recording of Master's Fa Lecture, she stopped crying at once. When Tianer was old enough to speak, she said to her father, "Father, look, Master wears a skirt." Her father told Tianer that Master was actually wearing a casaya instead of skirt. Tianer's third eye had opened and she had seen Master.

One day, when she was three or four years old, she was playing with two small children on a bed inside a small, shabby house. Tianer said, "The house is about to fall down! Get out quickly!" The three children immediately ran out, and the house fell with a crash. The adults were frightened to the point of cold sweats when they saw that a cement pole and several large bricks had all fallen on the bed where the children had been playing. If they hadn't run out, they could have been seriously injured. Somebody asked them how they knew to leave the house and one of the children said, "Tianer said that the house would fall down and told us to get out quickly. When Tianer ran, we just followed her out." Someone knew that Tianer was a Dafa disciple's child and said, "It's really good to study Dafa and today I've witnessed the power of Dafa! How can a three-year-old child like Tianer know that the house was about to collapse? Falun Dafa is really amazing."

Master's Protection

My younger brother, a practitioner, used to work outside as a welder. One day a wire in the welding machine broke. The electrician was not there, so my brother said to another welder, "Go turn off the switch." Then he started to re-connect the wire. As he did, he felt as if he had suddenly been bitten but there wasn't much pain. After he had connected the wire, the other welder, who had seen the shock my brother sustained, was frightened and told the others that he had forgotten to turn off the switch.

My brother said to him, "Don't be afraid. Nothing happened. I am a Falun Gong practitioner and Master will protect me when I am in danger." His co-worker began to repeat: "Falun Dafa is good, Falun Dafa is good. The CCP (chinese communist party) is really evil to forbid people to study such a good Fa--it has committed a great crime."

An Amazing Recovery in Only Two Weeks

I have an uncle who is in his thirties. Three years ago, he was diagnosed with tubercular pleurisy (tuberculosis outside of the lungs) with hydrothorax. Over a long period of time, the doctors extracted two kilograms of fluid from his pleural cavity. He got thinner and thinner. Because he had been diagnosed with tubercular pleurisy, everyone tried to avoid having any contact with him for fear of getting infected. His doctor told him that he could no longer work and would have to rest. He was told to get ready to go to the hospital for treatment, and that the treatment would cost the equivalent of 40 to 50 thousand dollars. The doctors said that his condition was very serious, in its last stages, and must be treated at once.

But where could he possibly get 40 to 50 thousand dollars? He felt helpless and his whole family cried bitterly together. Then he remembered Falun Dafa. When I clarified the truth to him, he believed what I said. If the CCP had not begun rampantly persecuting practitioners, he would have started practising a long time ago. Now he was dying. One day as he was walking by, my younger brother called out to him, "Uncle, come here and chat with us."

He came over and my brother said to him, "Come to my home and study the Fa with us." Uncle said, "But I might infect you." My brother said, "Impossible. We practitioners have energy and Master protects us. How could you infect us? Don't worry, just come study the Fa with us."

My uncle was so excited that he began crying and said, "To tell you the truth, I have been here several times, but each time I walked around the back of your house for fear that I might infect you and I was afraid that you would be unwilling to accept me. But today you've said this and I will study Dafa starting today."

That night, Uncle came to our exercise site very early, and the practitioners told him that if he practised Falun Dafa, he might experience some things happening to his body as Master purifies it: "Don't be afraid, it's a good thing," and they told him that he should treat himself as a practitioner when he met with interference. Then he watched Master's Fa Lectures on video.

My uncle came to us each night to watch Master's Fa Lectures. On the first night, he slept very well after having lived with insomnia for several years. On the second night, he experienced interference, but he sent righteous thoughts to clear it away; on the third night, the demon came again, and while his wife and child covered themselves with a quilt in fear, he told them not to be afraid, that he was a practitioner, and that Master would protect them. When he said this, the demon fled quickly. From then on, there was no more interference. On the fourth day, Master started to purify his body: there was black blood in his stool and red lumps all over the outside of his chest cavity, and yellow pus oozed out.

He recovered within two weeks. Uncle told everyone that Falun Dafa is good and that Falun Dafa has given him a second life. Now he uses his own experience to speak to people about the wonderfulness of Dafa and joins us in clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings.

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