One Thought Makes All the Difference

In the spirit of practitioners' sharing about righteous thoughts and righteous actions, I'd like to share some of my experiences and understandings, too.

One night, while I was reading the Fa, I suddenly felt something irritating my left eye as if a grain of sand had got into it. I put down the book and looked in the mirror, trying to find an eye lash or something in my eye, but I didn't find anything. I told myself I must be burning karma in the form of an eye infection. (This thought was already not on the Fa.) So I continued reading the book. However, it became more and more irritated, and in a moment I looked in the mirror again and shockingly found an ulcer the size of a grain of rice within my upper eyelid.

I knew that if a virus got into the eye, one could become blind in a little over 10 hours. Knowing it was a test, I panicked. I couldn't completely let go of my attachments when I was tested with sickness karma. I calmed down and looked inside to see if I had done something wrong that day with my xinxing (character). I recapped what had happened and didn't find anything. Moreover, I recalled I had just gone out and conscientiously distributed truth-clarification fliers with constant righteous thoughts.

After making sure that I didn't have major xinxing problems, I gradually calmed down, and recalled that Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples should not have such tests as sickness karma. I suddenly realized that this was not to be passively acknowledged or accepted, and it must be caused by the old forces' interference. After my mind became righteous, I became very peaceful. It was approaching midnight, so I sat down and sent righteous thoughts. After that my eye was not as irritated as it previously was. I finished reading the lecture and went to bed. The next morning, I woke up feeling nothing, except a lot of pus in the corner of the eye. I knew the ulcer was gone.

In another experience, I went one day to an Internet bar to send truth-clarification emails to a few friends I had met on the Internet a few days earlier while persuading them to quit the Communist Party. After I sent the emails, I played computer games for a while, and I forgot to take my USB key out when I left. It was two days later when it occurred to me; I thought, "Too bad, the USB key has truth-clarification material as well as my personal information on it. If someone takes it, he/she can report me." I wondered whether I should go back to the bar to ask for the USB key; I was a little afraid: "It has been two days, if it was taken by some random customer, I could never find it anyway even if I go. And if it's in the hands of the Internet bar administrator and if he has already checked what's on it, then am I putting my head in the noose if I go?" I was anxious and regretful at the same time, I hated myself for playing computer games while doing truth-clarification work without righteous thoughts and actions. With the USB key on the loose, I constantly felt uneasy and couldn't concentrate on doing things. At this time, a thought occurred to me: "What am I doing? Am I acknowledging the old forces' arrangements? Wasn't I saving people and doing the greatest thing in the cosmos? Can the old forces get me into trouble because something I did wasn't perfect? Of course, not!"

Then I calmed down and adjusted my point of view. After recalling the painful experience, I decided to go back to the Internet bar and ask for my USB key. I should righteously re-walk the path that I earlier didn't walk well. I sent righteous thoughts before I left and went to the Internet bar with constant righteous thoughts all the way there. I talked to the Internet bar administrator about the USB key and described how it looked to him in detail. He looked at me and listened, and then he took it out from underneath the table and gave it to me without saying anything.

I knew Master had once again protected me. I recapped this incident later and realized that if I had gone back to the Internet bar with a non-practitioner's anxiousness, then it would have been very likely that the USB key either would have gotten lost or something else more dangerous would have occurred. I learned from this incident that we must not be negligent in doing anything, especially Dafa's work.

In a third experience, I went one day to a bus station to buy tickets. I was carrying a lot of stuff, so I hired a tricycle. In the tricycle I could clarify the facts to the driver privately. I started chatting with the driver as soon as I got in, and our topic went from everyday matters to the recent disasters. I almost finished what I wanted to tell him when we got to the destination. The bus station was very crowded, and I could be easily heard. I didn't think too much except that I wanted the driver to understand the truth and be saved. So I took out an amulet and told him, "Make sure to believe Falun Dafa is good, and memorize the words on the amulet, 'Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.' You will be protected and have a good future." The driver thanked me repeatedly and put the amulet on right away. Another driver walked over with curiosity and asked what was going on. I realized it was a good opportunity to save another person so I gave one to him too, and I told him to remember "Falun Dafa is good." As they were ready to leave, I turned around and saw a policeman staring at me from two yards away. I looked into his eyes for a second. He turned around and walked away. I recapped this incident later and realized that my mind at the moment was very righteous and my mentality was much undisturbed. I didn't have fear in my mind, and my only thought was saving people. When I looked into the eyes of the policeman, the evil factors behind him were therefore eliminated right away, and he walked away as a result. If I handled the situation with human thoughts and fear, things might have been totally different.

We are Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples; therefore we should have righteous thoughts and righteous actions at all times. Righteous thoughts are thoughts of a divine being, therefore we will not be fooled or hindered by human notions or create loopholes for the old forces to persecute us. And only with righteous thoughts can we do the three things better.

This concludes my limited personal understandings. Please point out anything improper.

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