What I Learned from Reading "Cultivating My Xinxing at Work"

After reading the article "Cultivating My Xinxing at Work," published on the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net) on October 8, I thought about it a lot. I'd like to share my understandings so we can encourage each other to cultivate ourselves and validate the Fa at work.

Last year a relative said to me, "Don't be so selfish. You need to think about the others in your family." I was moved by her words and decided to return to my hometown and go back to my family who was still badly poisoned by the Chinese Communist Party's lies. Late last November, a friend introduced me to a private company, and I applied for the director's position. At the job interview, as soon as I stepped into her office, I immediately sensed that my boss, a young female, was not polite. She didn't have a sense of time nor was she broadminded enough to be a good boss. She wasn't as good as my previous boss. As a result I right away developed the thought that I wouldn't like her. Just like the author of that article, the second I met her, I started having a bad opinion of her. Now I realize that this thought created a lot of interference for me.

During the interview, she asked what I thought about "working late." I was afraid I might fail the interview, so I said, "The most important thing is to finish the work, so I don't have any problems with working late." After the interview, I spent almost the whole night and most of the next day finishing translating a document to meet her deadline. This adversely affected my Fa-study and practicing the exercises. Furthermore, translating the document actually was not related to my work.

More strangely, when I started my job, my boss unreasonably asked me to come up with an evaluation plan in two days. At that time, I didn't know anything about the company so it was impossible for me to finish it in two days. The only thing I could do was to spend every minute I had on it! The first few months after I joined the company, I never left work before dark. I lived far away, so I had to rush every day. I didn't think it was right, but I unintentionally accepted it, and I wasn't able to make a breakthrough for a long time. This happened because I didn't treat myself first as a cultivator to best arrange time for Fa-study, validating the Fa, and clarifying the truth. Instead, I cut myself some slack simply in order to finish up ordinary people's work.

For a long time, I was stuck in this state. I lost my righteous thoughts and, thus I didn't worry about myself. When I eventually realized what was going on and decided that I should go home on time, things started to change. I was no longer required to go to work for half a day on Saturdays. Recently, we had a meeting where my boss even said the company didn't encourage people to work late.

I came to realize that we really should not recognize interference. As Dafa disciples, we need to constantly keep righteous thoughts.

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