Falun Dafa Reveals Its Divine Power to My Husband

I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1997. My husband didn't support or oppose my practicing at that time. However, after September 20, 1999, he changed. Not only did he oppose my practicing, but he also burned Teacher's portrait and Dafa books while I was not at home. I tried to "clarify the facts" to him, but he wouldn't listen. Because of that I started to hate him. I was deeply saddened that I didn't have the ability to protect Teacher's portrait and books. After that incident I didn't talk to him for very long time.

Sometime ago, my husband went through a very difficult time. He was well aware that there was still a dispute over some property, but he insisted on buying commercial housing to start a business. The developer's pledge was good, and he said they would surely acquire the deeds very soon. He really wanted to buy it and I couldn't stop him. He handed the first payment of 60,000 yuan over to the developer, who said that once he obtained the deeds, he would have to pay off the additional amount. In early March 2008 my husband started his business. Around mid-April, the bank contacted him. They said that the house was on a mortgage loan and if the loan was not paid to the bank, they would claim ownership of the property. They threatened to prosecute my husband. My husband told the bank that he was unaware of this when he bought the property from the developer. But the bank insisted that since he had the deeds, they would hold him legally responsible. My husband tried to contact the developer many times, but he was nowhere to be found. After that my husband suffered from depression. He became restlessn, lost his appetite, could not get a good night's sleep, and sighed in despair every day.

On May 18, 2008, in court, my husband was the defendant. All he had was the handwritten receipt for 60,000 yuan from the developer, while the bank had the mortgage loan certificate. From the beginning it was clear that the bank would win. My husband lost the lawsuit and had to pay 4300 yuan. He refused to accept the judgement and wanted to appeal to the intermediate court. He eventually was successful in contacting the developer, who told him to get materials from the person who managed the case and look for an attorney at the intermediate court. When my husband got home with the materials he realized that the property had already been through a trial in the intermediate court and lost. If my husband had known this earlier he would never have bought it. If even the developer had lost, the chance of my husband winning was zero, especially with no solid evidence. By now he realized he had been swindled. In the two weeks after the case, he did not eat properly and lost a lot of weight. He said repeatedly how he wanted to kill the developer. The developer had stopped answering my husband's calls. Eventually my husband was on the edge of collapse.

During this difficult time, a practitioner had learned of our situation, and came to discuss the case with my husband while also talking about many Falun Gong truths. Eventually my husband realized his error and the seriousness of the bad things he had done to Dafa. I sent forth righteous thoughts and helped to clarify the truth. Several days later, the court notified us of the appeal date. On the day of the appeal, my husband stated just before departing that everything he had ever said and done against Dafa was now invalid and sincerely promised to never interfere with me practicing ever again. He also withdrew from the CCP and its youth organizations, a step towards a glorious future. My husband once destroyed Dafa books and Teacher's portrait. Despite this, Teacher has boundless mercy and my husband was given the opportunity to correct his mistakes and a second chance in life. As I write about it, tears are rolling down my cheeks.

Thereafter, the matter took a turn for the better. My husband contacted the developer. The developer called the chief of the intermediate court, asking him to explain the situation to the chief of the lower court and terminate the case, await the results from the intermediate court and then handle my husband's case. The matter has now been concluded, and my husband has been able to continue to do business. He experienced Dafa's supernormal powers.

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