Clarifying the Truth to a 610 Office Head

My wife and I went to the home of the head of the local 610 Office to clarify the truth. He was not there, so we talked to his wife. After we arrived, his wife said that she did not know when he would return. Before we left, we asked her to quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) and it's affiliated organizations. She said that she had already quit, with the help of other Dafa practitioners. We said we were still hoping to meet with the "610 Office" head himself.

One morning, the 610 Office head came to my home. He sat down and said, "Why were you looking for me?" I said, "It's been almost 10 years since July 20, 1999. You understand what Falun Gong is. In the past, my family has been severely persecuted. Now after life was somewhat back to normal, we are being bothered again. It is your office that makes the trouble. Your office has persecuted so many people, yet no one has sought revenge. We have clarified the facts to you, yet why are you still doing such bad deeds? You see, the former 610 Office head has already quit the CCP! You are in a position to know what the CCP really is, and it's just a matter of time when everyone understands that Falun Gong is good, and has been wrongfully persecuted. When all the world's people know, who will the responsibility fall upon and who will receive retribution for all these evil acts? Higher officials may not have written down the orders, and so this way they can try and shirk the responsibility, and twist the facts around to put the blame elsewhere, even on you." At this he nodded slightly.

We went on to talk about the CCP's numerous campaigns in the past, that have brought many deaths to the Chinese people, the corruption, the on-going persecution of Faun Gong in China as well as Falun Gong's popularity elsewhere throughout the world (nearly 100 countries, with thousands of proclamations). We talked for about two hours.

In the end, I told him to be nice to Dafa and Dafa practitioners, since doing so would bring a good future to himself as well his family. He said he knew that Dafa practitioners are good people. During the Olympic Games, some officials harassed Dafa practitioners, but he was not one of them.

As long as Dafa disciples regard the Fa as Teacher, and always handle things with righteous thoughts and righteous actions under any circumstances, everything will be rectified.

Harvesting Corn in One Day

- By a practitioner in Liaoning Province

There is a practitioner who lives in the countryside outside of Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province. Before the Olympics, local officials arrested him and sent him to Jinzhou Labor Camp to be persecuted. There was only his wife and young child left to fend for themselves at home. This happened at harvest time, so while other families were busy harvesting their corn crop, this practitioner's corn, about 3 acres, was left to rot in the field. They were very worried.

Thirty-four practitioners in a nearby city heard about this situation. They prepared a bus and their own meals. On Sunday October 11, they left the city at 5 a.m. After a brief meeting to divide up the work, they got to work in the fields. At noon, they took a break to eat their lunch, and then they continued to work. By 3 p.m., all 3 acres of corn were safely shipped to the practitioner's home. Among these practitioners, some were already in their 70's.

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