A Change in Mindset that Improved My Fa-study

I am a veteran practitioner and I have read Zhuan Falun many times, but since I have become so familiar with the content I began finding it difficult to concentrate while reading the book. Especially when I just started reading, my mind would easily wander, and it would take me a while before I could concentrate on the reading. Though I had realized the problem, I couldn't find a solution.

My mind wandered again yesterday while reading Zhuan Falun. So, I thought I should probably memorize the book, but was afraid it would slow down the speed of my reading. With this dilemma in the back of my mind, I suddenly discovered that all the distracting thoughts that had bothered me had vanished. I came to a realization that I was able to concentrate because of my desire to memorize the book and my willingness to remember all I had read from the book. And even though I had not yet put my thought into action, I could concentrate, and those distracting thoughts were gone. Today when reading Zhuan Falun I continued holding to my willingness to remember what I read, and I thus once again proved that this method could help me to effectively concentrate on Fa-study. I have understood more principles than in the past when I read the Fa with the intent of gaining an insight into something new.

I thought other practitioners might have also have this issue, so I'm sharing my experience with fellow practitioners.

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