Fellow Practitioners, Do Not Get Lost in This Human World

The Fa-rectification is approaching and this precious time when practitioners save sentient beings will soon become history. Alas, some practitioners, including myself, who knew the Fa since childhood, became less and less diligent as we grew older. We forgot the pledges we made a long time ago.

I still recall a dream I had three years ago. I was in a big hall filled with people sitting quietly. Then, I had an argument with a person sitting next to me. At that moment, a very kind voice could be heard from outside of the hall: "Time to go home." It was Master's voice. Suddenly everyone had left the hall and could be seen flying up into the sky, except for me and the person I was arguing with. We immediately understood what had happened. We knelt down on the floor, crying loudly. I cried and cried until I woke up. I cried for two days. Every time I remembered this dream I felt deep pain.

I then began improving by studying the Fa and doing the exercises. Master encouraged me by opening my Celestial Eye. I became zealous. So, most of the time I could only see in dreams. I had come to this place through layers of dimensions. After thousands of years of reincarnations and establishing karmic relationships with Master again and again, I finally came to this time I had been waiting for. Alas, I went astray from the path that was leading me home. I became attached to short lasting fame and sentiments. I also noticed that many young practitioners have not been diligent, although in the past they were striving forward and cultivating diligently. Seeing that the status of some fellow practitioners are not very good, I feel very anxious. I would like to use this article to tell all young practitioners, "Catch up, have righteous thoughts like a god and walk upright during the last part of the way home. We have grown up already. We should be able to cultivate independently and should not depend on the outside environment." At this time, I would also like to remind young practitioners' parents, "Do not ignore your child practitioner while you are cultivating yourself."

There are not too many practitioners my age around me. We have grown up since 1999. We have experienced many difficulties. Fa-rectification is in the process and our parents are part of it, so are we. It has been difficult for us during all these years. Some of our parents became homeless and we could not go home. But we have put this behind us and we are firm in following the Fa. Alas, while growing up, we have also accepted many ordinary people's attachments and we began to seek what ordinary people want from life. My fellow practitioners, "Remember why we came here! Do not be tricked by illusion!"

Master said:

"Think about it, why did beings from distant cosmic bodies come here? Because Fa-rectification was going to take place in the cosmos, and they are representatives of the extremely massive groups of beings in distant cosmic bodies and colossal firmaments; they came here to establish a karmic relationship with Master so as to ensure that in Fa-rectification they wouldn't be left out amidst the reconstruction of the entire cosmos; their goal was to allow the sentient beings there to be saved."

"If that's the case, doesn't whether a Dafa disciple cultivates well or poorly determine whether those gigantic cosmic bodies' beings get saved or not? I can tell you, this is definitely the case." ("Touring North America to Teach the Fa")

Everyone in our kingdoms are waiting for us to come home. Sentient beings in the human world are waiting for us to save them. We bravely left our world and came to this human world. We have suffered so much during reincarnations, and our goal is to assist Master in the Fa-rectification. Why did we get lost? Some practitioners only study the Fa, send righteous thoughts, or do exercises occasionally. And they also do not try hard to clarify the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution. Master told us we need to be diligent in our cultivation. We should be responsible to ourselves.

There was a period of time when I was not diligent. I saw that while sending righteous thoughts I lost every time I fought with the evil beings. I went from being Sun Wukong [he is "The Monkey King" who possess incredible strength, speed and can transform into other animals or objects. He was born from a mythical stone formed from the primal forces of chaos] to Zhu Bajie [a character, also in the novel "Journey to the West," who looks and behaves like a pig] and I was always being captured by evil when I was trying to eliminate them. Actually sending righteous thoughts without studying the Fa doesn't work. The Fa is the foundation for everything. We should look at ourselves and ask ourselves whether we can be counted as Master's disciples if we do not try to catch up. Our Master is so merciful, postponing the end, giving more chances to sentient beings to be saved, and also giving more chances to the practitioners who are not being diligent. But our chances are limited. It was not easy for us to achieve what we are today. Let's not to do something we will regret later.

I myself have not been cultivating very well and my level is limited too. I wrote this and hope to give some help to those who have not been diligent. Please point out anything that is incorrect in my understanding.

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