Norway: Raising Awareness about Falun Gong in Oslo

On September 27th, 2008, Norwegian Falun Gong practitioners went to Oslo, to the most bustling main street, to raise awareness about Falun Dafa and hand out leaflets. They took out display boards exposing the CCP's brutal persecution of Falun Gong and also demonstrated the five Falun Gong exercises. People passing by were drawn in by the peaceful exercise music and one after another stopped to look and to read the flyers. After learning about the persecution of Falun Dafa in China, they signed their names one after another to call for an end to the CCP's persecution of Falun Gong. Frequently tourists from China would also stop to have a look.

It seems as if a Chinese woman who came with her daughter had especially come for the truth. They saw the Falun Gong practitioners demonstrating the exercises from behind and after looking for a while came around and earnestly looked at the photos depicting the situation in China. A practitioner came forward to talk to them, and when talking about how the “Tiananmen self-immolation incident” was fabricated by the CCP to blame Falun Gong, the middle aged woman, as if suddenly realising said, “So that’s how it was, I always did not understand why they would set fire to themselves”. She very happily received leaflets. The young girl next to her listened attentively the whole time.

Later some tourists from Mainland China came along, amongst which one happily said, “I finally found Falun Gong”.

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