Once the Basis of Our Efforts Becomes Saving Sentient Beings, the Persecution Will End

Editors' Note: This article was posted for a second time on minghui.ca, the Chinese-language version of Clearwisdom.net. It is thus being posted for a second time here.

Recently, quite a few articles on the topic of ending the persecution have been published on Clearwisdom.net. Eight years have passed since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started the persecution of Falun Gong. During the past eight years, Dafa practitioners have sacrificed a lot. Of course, it is our obligation to assist Master during Fa-rectification and save sentient beings, and it is also the mission of Dafa practitioners during Fa-rectification. Practitioners have stepped out to clarify the truth about Falun Dafa and the persecution because the persecution has happened, and our objective is to save sentient beings. We are all clear that the evil persecution has nothing to do with Dafa practitioners' personal cultivation or saving sentient beings. Only our Master and the Fa can resolve all issues fundamentally.

Then, why does the persecution still continue? Through constantly studying the Fa and sharing, we understand that it is related to our own attachments. We all found many shortcomings while being persecuted. All practitioners who experienced persecution share the common feeling that we become alert while suffering persecution, and realize the seriousness of cultivation, and more importantly, we recall the Fa that Master has taught. Then why didn't we realize this before being persecuted? We often say that we do not accept the persecution though we have omissions, but why does the persecution still occur? Why does the persecution still happen though we have denied it? More sentient beings will be saved if the persecution ends now. So what is the fundamental problem? Through studying Master's recent lecture "Teaching the Fa at the U.S. Capital," I have gained a deeper understanding.

The objective for Master to spread the Fa is to rectify the whole cosmos. The reason for practitioners' being in the human world is to assist Master in the Fa-rectification and saving the sentient beings, and harmonizing practitioners' realms. Our mission is just to save the sentient beings. If we cannot truly let go of self-interest, how can we reach the standard of the new cosmos, which is selfless and altruistic? If we cannot wholeheartedly save the sentient beings, how can we save those who can be saved? While doing the three things, only when we do so based on the fundamental objective of truly saving the sentient beings, can we truly achieve the standard of "Fa-rectification Dafa disciples." This is also the requirement of the Fa-rectification to the practitioners.

There is an article in the previous edition of the "Minghui Weekly". It is about a practitioner who clarified the truth during a court session to the judge who attempted to illegally sentence him. In an open and righteous manner, he clarified that Falun Gong was wonderful, and told them about withdrawing from the CCP. He talked so well that all of the judges in the court smiled, and in the end, he was released unconditionally. The practitioner did not treat the court as the place where he was persecuted, instead, he took it as an environment to clarify the truth and save people. He reached the mindset of wholeheartedly saving people. If all practitioners reach such a mindset, would the persecution still exist?

If we truly reach such a mindset, even though some people are not able to be saved, the persecution would not be successful. As the Fa has standards, there are ways to deal with those who cannot be saved. In many cases, while we are resisting the persecution, rescuing fellow practitioners, and doing things to validate the Fa, the reason that we are still persecuted or the effect was not good is due to our attachments of fear, pursuit, and so on. We are concerned for ourselves more than saving the sentient beings and being selfless and altruistic. The persecution means nothing but letting go of attachments and saving the sentient beings.

In other words, cultivation is all about letting go of attachments. However many attachments or notions we have, as long as our fundamental goal is truly saving the sentient beings, we are able to quickly eliminate them! The key is to be clearheaded in these years of resisting the persecution, and discarding the notion of humans resisting the persecution. It is not simply humans, but practitioners on the path to divinity who are resisting the persecution. We need to rectify all elements that are not righteous with practitioners' compassion. When we widely save the sentient beings while constantly assimilating to the Fa, the persecution will diminish soon. If all practitioners can achieve this, the persecution will end completely.

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