Keeping the Fa Study Group Alive

Recently I read an article "Some Enlightenment at the Fa Study Group," published in "Minghui Weekly," which so inspired me that I want to share with you our Fa study group's experiences in the hopes that we can learn from each other.

Our Fa study group was formed more than six years ago, and keeping the group alive was difficult. On July 20, 1999, when the persecution began, the group study environment was destroyed and we were unable to cultivate with each other. Many practitioners dared not come to Fa study, so the group disbanded for some time.

Studying the Fa diligently and sharing with local practitioners showed us the importance of practitioners being one body, so we restarted the Fa study group. Although there were initially only five of us, we persevered, took the Fa as Teacher, cooperated with each other to do well with the three things, and created a good study environment. Gradually, more practitioners joined in, and there were soon over a dozen. Our study sessions were becoming overcrowded. Several practitioners suggested that we hold Fa study groups in the manner of the material production sites, meaning that groups should spring up and "blossom everywhere," so that more and more practitioners could join. We cooperated well, and, with Teacher's guidance, ten Fa study groups have now been established. This includes some that change meeting places frequently. We truly experienced the beauty of the "great way without form."

Studying the Fa diligently and cultivating well over the past few years brought home the importance of group study. Through Fa study our moral and ethical behaviour steadily improved. We became more and more diligent and we were able to do the three things in a down-to-earth manner. All these achievements were the result of Teacher's compassionate hints, which helped us see our shortcomings, learn how to look within, and helped us let go of different desires and attachments. This was instrumental in our ability to assimilate into the Fa and live according to the Fa principles. When our xinxing (character) improved, our righteous thoughts became increasingly stronger. As a result, practitioners cherished the Fa study environment.

In mid-July, a practitioner came to Fa study exhibiting symptoms of sickness. This was because she had been hiding at home for a long time and hadn't been studying the Fa diligently or sharing with fellow practitioners. The symptoms were similar to psoriasis, according to a hospital diagnosis before she cultivated. It appeared that the disease had recurred. Her husband urged her to go to the hospital to see a doctor. She had mixed feelings about what to do. Therefore, she went to a fellow practitioner's home and discussed her situation. The practitioner shared the following paragraph from Zhuan Falun with her. Teacher said:

"As true practitioners, we should look at issues from a very high level instead of from the perspective of everyday people. Should you believe that you are ill, this may really cause you to become ill. This is because once you assume that you are ill, your Xinxing level will be as high as that of everyday people. Qigong practice and true cultivation practice will not lead to illness, particularly under this condition."

The practitioner asked her to let go of fear and urged her to attend group Fa study. After coming to the group Fa study for less than two weeks, the psoriasis began to form scabs and the symptoms gradually disappeared. She no longer experienced the painful itching. After her husband noticed the change he said gratefully, "Falun Gong is really wonderful. Go practice Falun Gong. I will take care of the housework." Her husband then started reading the truth-clarification materials and Zhuan Falun and has gradually entered Falun Dafa cultivation practice. This practitioner was diligent in coming to group Fa study, and, through group Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts, she improved. She not only went to distribute the informational materials but also explained the truth face to face. She has been persuading people to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its youth organizations and is diligently doing the three things to save sentient beings.

There are still many flaws with our local Fa study groups. We have experienced interference a number of times over the past few years. Some practitioners were interfered with in the form of a great deal of housework, and others were filled with affection for family members, so they didn't step forward. Since they did not study the Fa diligently and do the five sets of exercises regularly, their righteous thoughts were not strong, and they were taken advantage of by the evil forces. They also showed symptoms of illness. Fellow practitioners repeatedly shared with them and helped them become more diligent with their Fa study and doing the exercises. They truly began to understand the importance of group Fa study. They also encouraged these practitioners to join group study, firmly believe in Teacher and Falun Dafa, and deny the evil forces' attempts to separate us. However several practitioners still failed to come out, being too engrossed in attachments, and they experienced interference. We feel that we were responsible for helping many melt into the cultivation way of group Fa study.

Some time ago, there were conflicts among practitioners. Practitioner B asked Practitioner A to fix an MP3 player. Practitioner A got annoyed instantly and said to Practitioner B, "How clumsy you are. I taught you before and you forgot again." He truly lost his composure.

Another time, Practitioner C went to the group Fa study with Practitioner A. Practitioner C asked A, "Did you see that person I mentioned before? He must be a policeman, right?" Practitioner A said, "You are so inept in sizing people up! People that wear that kind of clothing are simply security guards." Practitioner C got up and left the group. Other practitioners shared with Practitioner A and kindly pointed out his shortcomings. With the help of practitioners and through diligent Fa study, Practitioner A enlightened to the Fa principles and learned to look within whenever a problem arose. He overcame his shortcomings, strengthened his righteous thoughts, and elevated his xinxing. During group study two other practitioners also found their shortcomings and learned to look within.

Teacher said in the article "Fa-Rectification Period Dafa Disciples," in Essentials for Further Advancement II:

"Cultivation and Fa-rectification are serious. Whether you are able to treasure this period of time is, in fact, a matter of whether you can be responsible to yourselves. "

We must be responsible to ourselves and cherish the environment of group Fa study, which is the form Teacher left for practitioners. Through group Fa study we strive to study, share with other cultivators, be diligent, and do the three things well to save more sentient beings.

This is my personal understanding. Please kindly help me understand any shortcomings I may have.

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