Let's Not Get Lost on Our Way Home

Today, when I checked the quality of the discs onto which I had copied the Divine Performing Arts Chinese Spectacular, I saw that the show started with the piece "Creation," where the compassionate Master Buddha leads gods and goddesses to the mortal world and creates a divine culture for the sentient beings of the universe. I could not help crying.

I have watched the shows many times, and I cry each time. Sometimes I even cry during every act. But this time my feelings were different from before. Since I had not been behaving well in my cultivation recently, I felt that I had become quite numb, and that I did the three things without enthusiasm. I knew that it wasn't right, but whenever I came into contact with the general public, I was unwittingly moved. Afterwards I regretted my behaviour and I decided to study the Fa with a clear mind, and always tried hard to adjust myself to behave correctly. The other day when I studied the Fa with my fellow practitioners, I was interfered with by fatigue, sometimes very strongly. I was very upset with myself and I knew it happened because of my slacking off on the cultivation path. As I considered this situation, I thought that my slacking off in cultivation not only caused my poor state of mind, but also caused many ordinary people and sentient beings to be in danger of losing their opportunity to be saved.

When I saw the scenes from "Creation," it told a story that when the cosmos was about to meet with catastrophe, the Lord Buddha came from outside the firmament, and many deities recorded their vows and followed the Lord Buddha to descend to the human world to save sentient beings. I knew that I was among them. I was also among those who created the five thousand years of civilization and culture during our countless previous lifetimes. Why have we gone through so many difficulties during the course of human history? Wasn't it all for this last moment when we can assist Master in saving sentient beings? Yet I failed to take advantage of this precious opportunity that only comes once in tens of thousands of years, and I wasted the precious time that Master made tremendous sacrifices to provide us for saving sentient beings and establishing our mighty virtue. I also used the excuse "our cultivation should conform to human society" to cover up for my lack of diligence, and used my everyday person's job to satisfy my ordinary people's interests and attachments. (I don't mean that it's not right to be responsible in our everyday jobs). I was really holding onto Buddha School cultivation with one hand and things of human beings with the other hand. I did the three things superficially, my xinxing (character) was not really being upgraded in my cultivation in Dafa, and I had already deviated from the correct state of a cultivator.

I thought back to the time when the evil CCP most viciously persecuted Dafa and Dafa disciples. I clarified the facts about Dafa to everyday people, and helped them understand that Falun Dafa is good. I cared for nothing else. My recent mindset has been so different from then, when my mind was righteous. The cultivation environment around me became less difficult and more secure, but my human notions have increased.

Human society really is a big dye vat. If I slack off and become less strict with myself, I will get lost on my cultivation way. To constantly maintain a clear mind, I must firmly listen to Master and study the Fa more frequently, and with attentiveness. I must do well the three things that a Dafa disciple should do and never waste this last precious time to save sentient beings, so that I will not have regrets that cannot be amended afterwards.

Let's make diligent progress together, walk well the final path in our cultivation, do better in saving more sentient beings, and live up to the vows that we made when we first came to this world.

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