Spain: New Tang Dynasty Television Press Conference Related to Eutelsat Situation

On September 9th, New Tang Dynasty Division in Barcelona Spain held a press conference. The President of the Catalan Institute of Human Rights, Mr. Ferrán Sales, Reporters without Borders Secretary-General, Mr. Rafael Jiménez, plus Catalan social agencies head Mr. David Cid attended and made a speech in support of New Tang Dynasty.

The organisers described to the reporters about France's European satellite Eutelsat unilateral cessation of New Tang Dynasty TV's satellite signal, and the illegal interruption of the valid contract with NTDTV to operate in the Asian region.

A spokesman for the New Tang Dynasty TV in Spain, Mr. Alejandro Nadal told reporters, New Tang Dynasty TV is the only Chinese media independent from the control of information by the Chinese government and the only television company which dares to report the real situation of human rights in China, to support the fight against repression by CCP to the democratic and Human rights organisations in mainland China.

Nadal stressed that Eutelsat succumbed to Communist China to cut off the NTDTV signal due to economic inducements, which would be tantamount to switching off the only window for Chinese people to understand the real information and reporting out of CCP’s filtering, as well as assist CCP to violate basic human rights of China's 1.3 billion population.

Reporters without Borders Secretary-General, Mr. Rafael Jiménez said in his speech: from the telephone conversation records between Reporters without Borders in Europe with The in house staff of Eutelsat, it admitted that New Tang Dynasty TV satellite signal interruption was not a "technical fault" but a political and economic exchange steered jointly by Eutelsat and the CCP.

The head of Catalans social activities agencies Mr. David Cid pointed out; it shows that in the face of huge economic interests, the basic human rights relating to freedom of information which is being always safe guarded by Europe are so vulnerable, he felt terribly sad about the scandal directed jointly by dictatorial CCP and Eutelsat. At the same time, he also assured that the government’s two Houses of Representatives are ready to submit a relevant motion to the Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos and the European Union.

At the end of the press conference, all the organisers declared a joint statement, it is necessary to safe guard human rights in China and make joint efforts to ensure that Eutelsat resumes the New Tang Dynasty TV Asian signals as soon as possible so that the 1.3 billion Chinese viewers can see New Tang Dynasty TV programmes as soon as possible.

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