Sweden: "Quitting the Chinese Communist Party" Campaign in Mynttorg, Stockholm

On August 30th, in Stockholm's financial district, Swedish Falun Gong practitioners placed banners reading "Northern European Quitting the CCP Centre", as well as display boards exposing the CCP’s persecution of Falun Gong and harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners. A middle-aged woman who had come from China on a business trip stood in front of the display boards watching for a long time. Afterwards, she came forward and raised some questions: “Why are you holding activities in this place? What’s the purpose of this activity?”

Once Falun Gong practitioner Da Li saw that she was not clear about the great tide of withdrawing from CCP, then he was very patient enough to talk about the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist, followed by introducing the trait of quitting from CCP, and to updated situation of quitting CCP’s progress in detail and he also talked about the atrocity of the CCP persecution of Falun Gong and harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, he helped her make clear the fact that “the CCP isn’t China ”, by exposing the CCP’s propaganda deceiving Chinese people and at the same time he recommended him to read the Nine Commentaries and all kinds of Falun Gong material. She was asking questions while listening to the truth. After all the questions were answered, she constantly nodded to express her approval.

Finally, Da Li said with a smile, “Think about it, up to now you still did not know about such a big issue. If there wasn’t this activity how could we have met with each other? Because we are above board with free flowing information, the CCP is trying to block this information and not let people in China know about the truth. What you can hear is all propaganda. Now all our relatives and friends in China we have already told them the truth, after they agreed, they have quit the CCP using pseudonyms. But there are still lots of Chinese people like you who don’t know the truth; even there are some people who still believe in the CCP’s propaganda. CCP not only deceived Chinese people but also deceive lots of foreigners. The purpose of this activity is to expose the CCP persecution of Falun Gong and the atrocity of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, letting people all over the world realise the evil nature of the CCP. Especially the people in Mainland China: who should not only see clearly about it and also quit it as early as possible and stay far away from this evil organisation, then and only then can you have a right future for yourself! We each have our own social work. We make use of our spare time to come and tell the truth. We are meaning to help people from Mainland China quit CCP and its relevant organisations and make it easier for foreigners to realise the CCP’s evil nature. Actually we are coming for you! ”

This lady laughed and said, “Right, I just stay in Sweden for two days, and I will leave here tomorrow. I have already understood what you’ve talked about, I have learned about some of the Falun Gong truth in China before, I have also watched the CD of the Tiananmen Square debacle, and I have known that was the CCP propaganda. In fact now people have already lost confidence in the CCP, nobody really believes in it. I thought I was already over the age limit, and didn't give the fee to them that count as quitting and had nothing related to them. I am willing to make announcement to quit the CCP after listening to you. Can I take some pictures bringing back with me and tell my family what I have seen abroad.”

So she took pictures of all the banners and display boards one by one, and then she walked toward the table and wrote her announcement to quit the CCP.

A Swedish man called Buowslav Klicard watched for a long time in front of the display boards, finally he went to the front of the table and signed his name on the petition form, at the same time said to practitioners: “I am concerned about China’s human rights issues, now the China’s human rights record is even worse.” He asked for a Nine Commentaries in Swedish bringing it home for detailed reading.

There was another Swedish person called Gaspar Tamas living in Stockholm, he was preparing to build a website and place those crimes the CCP committed upon those innocent people on the website, the purpose was to let more people pay attention to what has happened in China. In order to improve China’s human rights record as soon as possible, he wanted to try his best. He signed his name on the petition form and to express his support toward Falun Gong, at the same time to condemn the CCP atrocities, at last he had a long talk with practitioners and noted down our contact phone numbers.

On the day, there were many Chinese people who received newspapers and other material, some were even very excited when they saw the Nine Commentaries and immediately put into their bags and aid that they would have a read on the bus. Falun Gong practitioners were really appreciative when they saw so many people understood the Falun Gong truth and realised the CCP’s evil nature. They decided to continue to clarify truth to more people, and to expose the CCP’s nine years persecution of Falun Gong until the persecution has ended.

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