Germany: Falun Gong Practitioners Protest at the Chinese Consulate in Munich

“I genuinely perceive harmony in this activity. I am really happy to participate in such an activity”, Silvia Balabas-Schmitt-Bauer told a reporter. On the way to her destination she came across a Falun Gong practitioner living in her city and impulsively decided to take part in the activities in Munich.

On August 24th Falun Gong practitioners staged a rally outside the Chinese Consulate in Munich in protest against the CCP persecution and organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners and in support of 41,000,000 people quitting the CCP. Meanwhile, practitioners collected German people’s signatures for the petition against the European Satellite operator Eutelsat. Eutelsat made an excuse of “a technical problem” and suspended the independent Chinese-language TV station NTDTV to satisfy Beijing.

The autumn in Munich was very pleasant. Quite a few tourists were biking or strolling to a nearby famous tourist spot Nymphenburg. When passing by the Chinese Consulate, many people were shocked by the information on the banner, the CCP’s live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners. Imperceptibly passers by slowed down; some of them even stopped to carefully read the information on the display boards, and inquire about why Falun Gong practitioners were rallying outside the Chinese Consulate. After their conversation with Falun Gong practitioners, many people signed the petition against the CCP violent acts and Eutelsat’s discontinuation of NTDTV programmes.

When sisters Mrs. Sommerer and Mrs. Kranzler were strolling outside the Chinese Consulate, Falun Gong practitioners were about to unfold their banner. Out of curiosity, they asked what the practitioners were doing. Then the two sisters were given leaflets, and promised to read them carefully. In the afternoon, the two sisters returned and directly walked toward the practitioners, asking to sign the petition. Mrs. Sommerer said, “I am too shocked. Much to my astonishment, I was reading such a leaflet. This morning we passed by here and were given the leaflets. Then we sat outside the Nymphenburg, reading it and feeling shocked. What I read reminds me of a book I once read about China’s Cultural Revolution. I have been of the opinion that China has become a liberal nation. But it seems that nothing has changed there. Mrs. Sommerer, who retired from the medical profession, repeatedly emphasised how deeply shocked she was by the CCP’s evil acts and organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners. As a result, she came back to sign the petition. Her sister Mrs. Kranzler said, “I agree with her. This is really a nightmare. Numerous people are suffering. It resembles the happening during Hitler’s reign. Though there are some differences in forms, they are of the same quality.”

Mrs. Silvia Balabas-Schmitt-Bauer, who retired as a staff member of the executive department, lives in a city far away from Munich. That day she felt she should visit some place, but not sure of where to go. Then she came across a Falun Gong practitioner she was acquainted with. Knowing that her friend was going to the Chinese Consulate in Munich to expose the CCP’s criminal crimes, she considered it a good idea and then arrived at the Chinese Consulate with her friend. “In the city I live in, I was informed of Falun Gong. On my way here, I felt gloomy because I know the happening in China (the CCP persecution of Falun Gong). At first I sat at the opposite café, looking at the activity here. I felt this kind of experience was really fascinating. In an unfamiliar city, the activity enabled me and other strangers to work for the persecuted people. Falun Gong gives people a very comfortable feeling spiritually and physically. It’s very good. Now I am feeling very good.”

When being asked why she would petition against the CCP’s evil acts, she said, “I am extremely willing to contribute my efforts to the persecuted. For a very long time, I have been working for the Amnesty International, and feel that I must do something for these people.”

Mrs. Balabas Schmitt-Bauer stayed with her Falun Gong friend until the end of the rally. In the meantime, she found it interesting to learn the five sets of Falun Gong exercises, and kept offering help. For her the whole activity was a novel experience.

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