New Practitioner Shares Experiences in Truth-clarification on the Internet

I started practising cultivation in November 2007. During the process, I have learned about doing the three things and how to do "truth-clarification" on the Internet.

In May 2006, I learned how to clarify the truth on the Internet with a lot of help from experienced practitioners. In the beginning, I was nervous and my typing was slow. I remember how one day I didn't know what to do when four Internet friends chatted with me at the same time. As time went along, I have become more experienced and now can chat with a lot more people. The number of people who quit the Chinese Communist Party through my efforts has increased. These skills were also taught to me, little by little, by fellow practitioners. Doing truth-clarification on the Internet can be very tedious and time-consuming, as one not only needs to prepare the materials beforehand, but also has to remove sensitive words or phrases. But I will not shy away from these tasks, because this is what I am supposed to do in order to save more sentient beings.

I meet all kinds of people in chat rooms, some simple, some with a good tempers and some with bad. One day, I met a person who made me think a lot afterwards. In the beginning, our conversation went quite normally. When I asked him if he knew about the massive movement of quitting from the CCP, his demon nature exploded, and he started to bombard me with sexually oriented words and images. I firmed up my confidence and righteous thoughts, and asked him to believe me. I also believed him to be good in my heart, and forgave him for not being able to accept the facts, because he had been polluted by the Party culture for more than twenty years. Later, he was indeed moved by my compassion and righteous thoughts. His messages changed completely, as if he was transformed from a rampant demon to a normal person. He admitted that he had been brainwashed by the Chinese Communist Party culture, and was willing to quit the Party right away. Moreover, he immediately told another friend about quitting the CCP, and another person was saved effortlessly. It was the work of Dafa's compassion!

When I shared this experience, another practitioner told me that she had spent a month persuading a college student to quit the Party and its affiliated organizations. Unexpectedly, the student then helped more than 20 students in the same college to quit. Think about it, had this practitioner not held to her firm faith in truth-clarification, wouldn't numerous cosmic bodies and sentient beings be lost forever?

On the evening of July 19, a practitioner told me that the midnight global sending righteous thoughts was very important. However, many practitioners had failed to participate by falling asleep, including myself, at the designated time. The evil would then attack sentient beings in other dimensions. I hadn't sent righteous thoughts at midnight before, so I decided to do it that night.

I had planned to stop truth-clarification work at 11:45 p.m., and start sending righteous thoughts at 11:55 p.m. But at 11:30 p.m., an Internet friend wanted to quit the Party. And another one decided to also do so at 11:40 p.m. I realized that the time to send forth righteous thoughts was approaching, so I sped up my efforts. However, at 11:50 p.m., another Internet friend wanted to quit the Party, and told me that he wondered if he could live through the next two days. I couldn't understand it and asked him to explain. He told me that one of his close friends went to claim a debt from someone, but was killed by the debtor. His other friends tried to help but some of them were killed as well. Only three out of his ten friends survived. He was in a lot of grief, and planned to kill the debtor before killing himself. It was almost time to send righteous thoughts, but I struggled with deciding between sending righteous thoughts and saving him. I finally decided to save him, because I felt I couldn't do truth-clarification while sending righteous thoughts, and I could make it up afterwards. At the time, he was too sad to chat with me and was going to leave. I asked him to give me three minutes. The three minutes turned out to be 30 minutes.

I told him about the principles in Lecture Seven of Zhuan Falun, "The Issue of Killing,"

"In the original Buddhism, killing mainly referred to taking a human life, which was the most serious act."

I told him, "Killing others and killing yourself are both very serious sins. If you killed him, he would have to kill you in the next life, and the cycle will never end through various reincarnations." I told him not to look at things just from the surface, that there must be some predestined relationships behind this incident, and that he must be sober-minded. He finally was able to think clearly. He thanked me and admitted that he was too emotional. I felt relieved. From the next day on, I made it a routine to send righteous thoughts in all five time slots (Taiwan has an additional 9:00 p.m. sending righteous thoughts time), and this kind of thing never happened again. The incident helped me pay more attention to sending righteous thoughts.

My personal experience has shown me that when I do all three things well, truth-clarification work goes very smoothly. If I don't have strong enough righteous thoughts, set my priorities straight, or fail to look within and remove my attachments, the evil takes advantage of my loopholes and affects my saving sentient beings. I currently hope that practitioners don't stop their efforts when encountering difficulties. If we think this way, and choose the easy things to do, then are we still behaving like practitioners? Is that cultivation? As practitioners we must do things that others don't want to do, don't like to do, or cannot do.

Think about practitioners in China, if they want to do the three things well, they have to go though life-threatening tests. In comparison, life here in Taiwan is very easy and comfortable. Let's not forget our fellow practitioners being persecuted in the labour camps in China. If things were changed and we lived in that harsh environment, would we be able to do the three things without fear and with firm righteous thoughts and righteous actions as the practitioners in China do?

Let's advance diligently! As long as our hearts are firm and we're willing to do it, can anything deter us? Let us not miss the chance that we have waited on for thousands of years, let's walk our final path well and fulfill our historic missions. This is every Dafa practitioner's destiny.

This concludes my shallow understandings. Please point out anything improper.

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