Clarifying the Truth and Validating the Fa by Singing

From my experience over the past years, singing has been a great way to clarify the truth. Since 2005, I have been singing songs produced by practitioners, which have inspired many people to want to learn the truth from us. I'd like to give a few examples of my truth-clarification through singing songs. I hope practitioners will benefit from my sharing.

The parking lot right beside the Cologne Grand Church is the place where tourists get in and out of their vehicles before and after they finish their tours. This is the place where we see many tourists from Mainland China. Practitioners who live in Cologne take turns coming here to clarify the truth as well as hand out informational materials. No matter if it is windy, rainy, or cold in winter, practitioners have been coming here non-stop. And as to the tourists from Mainland China they have gotten in touch with, no matter whether they were too timid to take our materials or rude enough to swear at us, practitioners have been clarifying the truth to them with kindness day in and day out.

Because I like singing, I picked up many songs that were produced by practitioners very quickly. Sometimes those Chinese tourists refuse to take our materials. Sometimes they refuse to listen to us clarify the truth to them; therefore, I began to think about using my voice to reach them.

I started with the song, "Coming For You". As soon as they heard the song, they stopped and looked at me. "Precious Chinese people please listen to me with a calm mind. Falun Dafa is great. Please do not be easily taken in by their deceits and don't miss this opportunity." I looked at them in a sincere way, and I could see clearly that their expressions were changing. Among them, there was a lady who looked like she was in her 40s, who walked up to me and said, "Well done. Could I have a flyer? I'll look into it." She motivated people from her group to reach out their hands. Seeing that another practitioner and I were very busy handing out flyers, they began to take the materials themselves.

Sometimes the tourists raised questions, so we clarified the truth to them. I asked them to read the materials carefully because they were all about the truth, and not subjected to the propaganda from the media controlled by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). I also talked to them about the CCP's corruption and deceit, whereas Falun Gong teaches Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. They all nodded their heads to show that they agreed with me. I felt that they finally understood the truth.

One time, there was a tourist group from Mainland China of over 50 people. Among them, nobody dared to take our materials. Someone said something negative about Falun Dafa, then a few others began to spread the lies fabricated by the CCP as well. At that time, I thought, besides sending forth righteous thoughts, I could also use my song to stop them from committing more crimes. I began to sing, "Tiananmen, Please Tell Me." They all listened to me quietly as I sang, "Only because saying something from the bottom of my heart, Falun Dafa is being wronged, in order not to have sentient beings suffer again, I'd like to spread the truth to the world". While singing this song my tears began to come out and roll down my face as I looked at them. I saw their eyes become red, and many of them also shed tears. I felt a great sense of relief at that time after seeing that they were completely moved.

I then sang "Falun Dafa Is Good." While singing I was looking at the person who badmouthed us the most. He actually was the one who cried the hardest; his eyes were all red. At that time, he was also looking at me silently. I gave him a copy of the materials. Many other people also took the materials from me. One of them said, "I really liked hearing your song." I replied, "Alright I will sing a couple more songs for you." Later I found out that this person was a tour guide. Some of them came back after they got on the bus. They grabbed the flyers from me, then went back to their buses again.

All the way home many practitioners said that my face appeared rosy. When I was singing, I could clearly feel that Teacher was strengthening me, my voice became louder than normal, also the quality of my voice became excellent.

I hope practitioners who are good at singing can use this approach to save sentient beings. We need to expel our notions, because we are validating the Fa and saving sentient beings. Even though we are singing on the streets, it is still sacred. Wherever there are people, that's the place where we need to clarify the truth by words or by song. We should not attach too much importance to external factors, such as not having a stage or a band. We can do a great job without them. Because practitioners' songs have energy, or inner meanings, they can touch people's hearts, and move them. So I hope practitioners who have talents in this respect also give it a try.

This is only my personal understanding; please kindly point out anything inappropriate.

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