Steadfastly Maintaining Righteous Thoughts and Actions While Imprisoned

As a Dafa disciple, one must always focus on how to do the three things well, no matter what the circumstances. I realize that Master makes the arrangement and will help us if we maintain righteous thoughts and are determined to do the three things well.

Last year in June, the provincial 610 Office sent a group of people to the prison to enforce the so-called "reform" of practitioners. Besides the 610 Office agents, there were also people from National Security as well as my company. In the beginning, the 610 Office personnel claimed that acting under direct orders from their supervisor, they were determined to succeed in "reforming" us and that they would not leave until we gave up our beliefs. Nevertheless, because we are all steadfast in our belief in Master and the Fa, none of the practitioners yielded when threatened by this great amount of evil. Confronting the threats, I immediately answered, "The so-called 'reform' that you are doing is illegal. Do you have any idea how ridiculous the 610 Office is? And who gives you the right to come here, telling people what they can and cannot do? And what kind of person are you going to reform me into? There is nothing wrong with me cultivating myself to become a better person by following the principles of 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.' So do you want to 'reform' me into a person who is a liar, who is wicked, and who bullies others for fun?" I also told the guy who was from my company, "The fact that you and I know each other is really a precious predestined relationship. Actually, you don't realize what is really going on, so I sincerely hope that you don't intend to talk to me about any 'reform', otherwise we may lose our predestined relationship. If that happens, it will not do anyone any good, especially you and your family." Not surprisingly, my former co-worker did keep silent from the beginning to the end.

Although I seized this opportunity to clarify the truth to them, I allowed myself to be interfered with by the attachment of wondering how they were going to deal with me. So the evil took advantage of this loophole. The second day, they set up a training session (basically they ordered us to run and then stand still under the baking sun). In order to pressure me, they claimed that they would enforce the training for two hours every day. I quickly adjusted my mindset, calmed down and clarified the truth to the guard in charge. I told him that a man should be compassionate, and it was not good for him to treat Dafa practitioners like this. He should instead use his true compassionate self to distinguish righteous actions from evil, and in doing so he would be responsible to his family and himself. I also told him, "From the provincial authorities to the supervisor of my company, from the local police station to labour camps, I have been subjected to all sorts of torture, and nothing has ever changed anything of mine. You will not earn any 'political merit' by dealing with me on this issue, unless you beat me to death. Furthermore, I don't believe that it is your idea to you treat me like this." Because I was really righteous at that time, the prison doctor came over and told the guard that he could not do the "training session" on me, because I had hypertension. In the end, the "training" only lasted for ten minutes.

Later the prison doctor, who used to beat Dafa practitioners, and the guard in charge told the ward head that the 610 Office personnel wanted to put me in training. After hearing this, the ward head blamed them, asking why they did not object to 610 Office personnel's request, and he asked who was going to be held responsible if something went wrong with me. From this incident, I realized this was Master's compassionate arrangement giving him one more chance to mend his ways. So I used this opportunity to clarify the truth to the prison directors and got an unexpected good result. When I was clarifying the truth to those directors and guards, some of them even had tears in their eyes. I also wrote to several of the involved sections of the prison, giving a detailed account of the 610 Office's crimes, telling them that I planned to express my protest by staging a hunger strike. Then a policeman from City National Security Bureau said that he wanted to have a talk with me. I didn't cooperate with him. When I asked him, "What have you come here for? Isn't the main responsibility of the police to protect the people and to maintain the security of the community? What right do you have to force me to give up my belief?" He was totally silenced by those words.

Because the personnel from the 610 Office didn't succeed in their attempts to "reform" us, they tried to get me to write a statement. They told me that they knew it was impossible for me to advocate the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), so all they wanted me to do was to write a statement saying I would not be against the CCP or socialism, and that I would obey the law. So I wrote this: "Because the CCP persecutes Falun Gong, I want to expose the persecution, and declare myself against the persecution. The CCP regime says that socialism is the primary stage of communism, but the so-called "communism movement" has actually failed on a worldwide scale. Communism will definitely be punished by gods for preaching atheism, and disobeying the rule of heaven. I believe in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. I want to be a good person, and this is not unlawful. It is actually those people, who want to deprive me of my belief, that are breaking the law." The personnel from the 610 Office were so angry when they read this that they ordered the other inmates to torture me with sleep deprivation. Once again, I reported their evil deeds to the prison authorities. The 610 Office finally gave up and left. In the end, the director told me honestly, "I really admire you."

Through this incident, I realized:

1. When we are truly steadfast, and can maintain righteous thoughts and conduct, the evil can't do anything to us. If we firmly deny the old force's arrangement and assimilate ourselves to the Fa, everything will go our way (Master's arrangement).

2. Clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings is the one thing that the old forces don't dare obstruct. The more pure and compassionate a practitioner is, the greater chance that we will have affect sentient beings and save them.

3. A Dafa practitioner's supernormal abilities are manifested through our righteous thoughts and righteous actions. If we want to use supernormal abilities to deter the evil people and protect ourselves from danger, we should not look outward. Our supernormal abilities can only be manifested when we have righteous hearts, righteous minds, and display righteous actions.

4. When confronting the persecution, Dafa practitioners have to be truly determined to deny the old forces' arrangements and the persecution. We should not only pay attention to how to do well amidst tribulations and confronting the persecution, but we also have to try to save as many sentient beings as possible in these evil circumstances.

The above is my personal understanding. I ask that my fellow practitioners point out anything that is incorrect.

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