Sharing on Giving Up Attachments After Being Attacked

For Falun Dafa practitioners, there are no coincidences in the path of cultivation. In the past I was attacked and beaten, seemingly because I had developed an attachment of distrust in my own xinxing ("mind-nature" (lit.), "character," or "thought."). This has remained fresh in my memory even to today.

Several years ago I heard someone say, "Someone lost his backbone. He didn't fight back even after being punched." My thinking followed the thoughts of this everyday person. I also wondered why the person who was hit didn't fight back. I felt injustice but at the same time, I knew to ask myself whether I could follow this same noble principle if it had happened to me. My self-doubt allowed my thinking to become more entrenched, and I believed that because I had not experienced such a test, I could not have passed the test. Doubts about my own xinxing grew from there.

After a while, I had the opportunity to discuss this issue with a fellow practitioner. Soon afterwards, I was punched by a drunken and aggressive person. At that moment I felt that my attachment of suspicion disappeared into thin air. The attacker seemed to tremble and come to his senses, and then left without a word. Later I shared with this practitioner that it must have been my attachment that invited others to attack me.

I firmly believe in Teacher and Dafa. I firmly believe that every word of Teacher's Fa is the truth. Now, if any suspicious thoughts or contradicting thoughts enter my mind, I tell myself that it isn't my true self thinking. It is instead my notions that interfere with my righteous belief in Teacher. I need to study the Fa more and progressively improve in accordance with the Fa, in any areas of the Fa that I haven't enlightened to. As I study the Fa more, Dafa principles continuously immerse into my mind. I can find answers in Dafa no matter what contradictions occur in my mind, and my understanding of the Fa principles is becoming clearer. I have realized that every thought of ours is supported by micro-elements, and we should examine each thought and eliminate all the micro-elements behind each of the bad thoughts. We must believe in Teacher and the Fa in our every word and action.

The above is my personal understanding. Please compassionately point out anything inappropriate.

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