Sweden: Rally at the Chinese Embassy to Protest against the Persecution of Falun Gong

At 1:30 pm, July 20th, Swedish Falun Gong practitioner held a protest at the Chinese Embassy, calling on the Chinese communist regime to stop the nine year long brutal persecution against Falun Gong.

While rallying at the Chinese Embassy, Swedish Falun Gong practitioners also demonstrated Falun Gong exercises

Following the anti-persecution rally at the Mynttorget just outside the Swedish Royal Palace in Stockholm on July 19th, Falun Gong practitioners arrived at the Chinese Embassy in Sweden on July 20th for a demonstration. Displaying banners that read, “Stop Persecution”, “Stop the Nine Year Long Chinese Communist Regime’s Brutal Persecution against Falun Gong” and “Support Party Withdrawal of 40 Million Chinese People”, Falun Gong practitioners explained the truth to passers-by and those who are employed by the Chinese Embassy. Accompanied by elegant music, practitioners also demonstrated the five sets of gentle, peaceful Falun Gong exercises.

People’s attention was attracted by this group of peaceful, tranquil protestors. They approached practitioners for additional information about the persecution and took truth material with them. Many vehicles slowed down while they passed the site. Drivers blew the horn or raised their thumbs to show their support.

While Anita, a teacher working in an immigrant school, rode a bicycle and passed by the site, she recognised one of the practitioners was her former student. She came forward to the practitioner and hugged the student. After understanding that her former student was here to protest the nine year long Chinese communist regime’s brutal persecution against Falun Gong, Anita said, “What you are doing is right! You are so brave!” She said she had learned a lot of information about Falun Gong from her students in the school. She was interested in learning Falun Gong and had started reading “Zhuan Falun” at home. She wrote down the practitioner’s phone number and planned to start practicing Falun Gong. She accepted all of the truth material and left the scene satisfied.

Some practitioners drove for more than five hours from other cities to attend the activities. All they wanted to do was to tell people that “Falun Gong Is Good”, “Falun Gong Is a Righteous Way of Cultivation”, and “The Persecution against Falun Gong Is Wrong and Must Be Stopped”, as displayed by the banners that Swedish practitioner Hassan made with help from fellow practitioners.

A staff member of the Chinese Embassy hides in the grove and take photos of the protesters

Although the entrance gate of the Chinese Embassy was shut tightly, staff members of the Embassy shuffled in the courtyard. Some came out of the entrance and hid in the grove to take photos of the protesters. In order to remind the Chinese people associated with the Embassy not to be deceived by the evil Chinese regime, western practitioner Mars shouted in Chinese “Stop the Persecution!”
Ms. Zhang, a Falun Gong practitioner from China read aloud a public letter she wrote to the officials working in the Chinese Embassy. She said, “The Chinese Communist Party can not represent China. The love to your country is not equivalent to the love to the party. We can prevent more misfortune from impacting China only when the Chinese communist regime collapses and disintegrates.” She urged the officials of the Embassy to withdraw from the Chinese communist party to embrace fortune and peacefulness for their families and themselves.

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