Drug Addicts in Mental Rehabilitation Centre Encouraged to Beat Practitioners

Torture in Baiyun--Abuse in the Mental Rehabilitation Facility in Guangzhou City

Baiyun Mental Rehabilitation Centre was established as a charitable organization under the supervision of Guangzhou City. Yet under the direction and co-ordination of the Security Department, the centre has been brutally torturing Falun Gong practitioners.

The following are the crimes committed by Zhang Dazi (or 'Dr. Zhang' as he is called in this "hospital".


Zhang Dazi originally came from Guangzhou, Hubei Province. On May 4, 2001, Zhang said to Falun Gong practitioners, "We kill people like we kill ants in this hospital. We have a mortuary here and nobody has ever investigated who has gone in there. I issue death certificates, and nobody can ever find out the real cause of the deaths."

On May 2, 2001, more than ten lady practitioners were transferred from Shahe Detention Center to Baiyun Mental Rehabilitation centre. They refused to disclose their names (because friends and family of Falun Gong practitioners are routinely subjected to abuses once identified) and so were brutally beaten by a group of male drug addicts under orders from Zhang Dazi. The addicts divided into groups, with three males beating each female practitioner using thick iron batons. They beat with all their might until the women lost consciousness. These practitioners were so violently battered that they were covered in bruises, blue and purple in colour, and open wounds. Those witnessing the crime were completely shocked and terrified by this extremety of violence. A 60-year-old woman practitioner and a 20-year-old girl lay on the ground unconscious with their faces swollen with bruises.

Pleased with their accomplishment, the perpetrators left the scene without turning their heads.


On May 13, 2001, Zhang instructed eight male drug addicts to break into the female section of the hospital and drag out a practitioner who refused to disclose her name. A few practitioners tried to stop them. Unrestrained they then turned their attention to their prey. Some used planks to hit the practitioners, some kicked and punched. Some threw the practitioners to the floor and choked them. They stopped only when the victims were so severely beaten that they had all lost consciousness. Then these vicious criminals took away the lady who had refused to disclose her name.

She was violently beaten when was taken to another place. In the evening, two practitioners, suppressing the pain from their earlier beating, went to see her where she lay on the ground unconscious.

Everyday, the sounds of people being beaten were heard from the male cells. It was usual for five to six dead bodies to be carried out from there each day.

Someone said a male practitioner doing the exercises got beaten to death before his body was carried out. The hospital blocked all information and secretly "treated" the corpses in the mortuary. Nobody knows how many practitioners have been tortured to death in that living hell.


Zhang Dazi proudly presented the 'outcomes' to Guangzhou "610 Office" (a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the party,including political and judiciary branches). He was 'recognized' and 'supported' by this office. This has turned Baiyun Mental Rehabilitation Centre into a designated site for torturing practitioners and a key learning centre for other mental hospitals to imitate.

On May 9, 2001, Zhang Dazi instructed his people to demand that practitioners "write a thank-you letter to express your appreciation to the hospital for curing your illnesses. Either you write the letter or you risk another serious beating."

Practitioners who were on hunger strike had been suffering from the vicious torture on a daily basis. Those who were transferred from Shahe Detention Center had been there for more than a year by this time.


On May 14, 2001, all the practitioners started another hunger strike and asked for unconditional release. Zhang Dazi was somewhat frightened, but this Executive Director of the hospital decided to continue to detain and torture practitioners. All acess to information relating to their maltreatment was blocked.


Under the disguise of a "governmental organization," the hospital officially set up an area where taking drugs is "legal." Under the pretext of controlled ehabilitation, the addicts "legally" dealt with "doctors" in selling and buying drugs. At the same time, the "doctors" recruited male drug addicts to commit torture against practitioners. Practitioners in the hospital lost all their belongings and money to these thugs.

It is difficult to estimate how many people have been transferred to this place, but the number of people involved has been quite enormous. Anyone released by the hospital had to pay 600 Yuan (the monthly average income of Chinese people in the rural areas is 400 Yuan). The hospital also sold death certificates.

Some of the practitioners were released by the hospital but transferred to brainwashing classes or forced labour camps by the Security Department. Some started hunger strikes and their weight dropped from 60 kilograms (approximately 130 pounds) to around 20 kilograms (approximately 50 pounds). They looked like skeletons and were close to death. The Security Department informed their families to pick them up, while extorting money from them for their release. Only very few practitioners have been released and have had the opportunity to expose the crimes against humanity that took place inside the hospital.


A 60-year-old practitioner was arrested for clarifying the truth about Dafa. Detained in Chatou Detention Center, she refused to disclose her name, so, in October 2001, a Security Department of Guangzhou City, sent her to Tianhe Detention Center. She was transferred to Baiyun Mental Rehabilitation Center after two days.

This practitioner kept her 950 Yuan in a safe place. This angered the drug addicts who threatened to beat her, but a man stopped them. After the practitioner was imprisoned for 97 days, she safely escaped from the Centre. She said that it was a filthy place where everyone had sores and skin ulcers all over their bodies. She was kept in the same cells as drug abusers. Some of her cellmates came to know about the truth of Dafa. After they were released, they contacted the families of practitioners and asked them to bail the practitioners out. Although the hospital made known to people that as long as they paid, they would be released, Dafa practitioners were made exceptions.

I hope that kind-hearted people in the world will take heed of the situation in China and help to stop the persecution.


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