Belgium: Friends Appeal for the Rescue of Falun Gong Practitioner Xu Na

In March this year, Belgian Marianne Lefebvre learned that her good friend Beijing Falun Gong practitioner Yu Zhou had been killed and his wife had been illegally detained. Marianne has been appealing to all sectors to rescue her Chinese sister Xu Na and she has launched a petition that has received more than 900 signatures of support. Belgium's Green party senator (Juliette Boulet) has addressed Xu Na’s case in Parliament and wrote a letter to the Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs for help to get unconditional release of Xu Na and to ensure her safety.

As early as 1984 to 85, Marianne and her family members were working and living in Chongqing. Marianne taught French at Chongqing University before returning to Belgium. In 1990 she returned to China and worked in Beijing, during that period, she knew Yu Zhou and Xu Na, who both spoke French fluently.

During the time they were living and working in Beijing, she and her family got selfless help and care from Yu Zhou and Xu Na. Once, In order to help her to complete adoption procedures of her daughter in China, Yu Zhou travelled more than 2,000 kilometers by train to and from different departments. Later, when Marianne and her family went back to Belgium, they still kept regular contact with Yu Zhou and Xu Na, and sometimes Marianne traveled to China to stay with them. Now she still keeps a lot of photos of that time and many happy memories. For her, Yu Zhou was like her brother; Xu Na is like that of her sister.

It was in 2001 that she knew the news about Yu Zhou and Xu Na, when her daughter traveled to China, and met Yu Zhou who was just out of prison and then knew Yu Zhou and Xu Na were persecuted because they insisted on practising Falun Gong; Xu Na was also detained in prison because she didn’t give up. From 2001, she was never able to contact them. Until March of this year, she knew from Minghui Net that Yu Zhou was persecuted to death in Beijing; Xu Na was still being illegally detained and tortured. She was very sad, very much wanted to learn more about the news that Xu Na and Yu Zhou was persecuted to death. Speaking at in their home about Yu Zhou, her children often felt so sad with tears.

Thinking of her sister in China who is still being detained by the Chinese Communists and tortured, she immediately went into action. In order to rescue Xu, she met with the Belgian Ambassador of human rights; members of the European Parliament; members of Parliament of Belgium; and the Luxembourg province's officials, two months ago, she launched a rescue petition, with the hopes that Xu Na could be free as soon as possible. In a very short period of time, she received a lot of people’s signatures in support. Her petition letter can be viewed per the following website:

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