Australia: Additional Service Booth Established in Sydney to Help People Withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party

At 11a.m., June 21, the establishment of the Campsie Quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Service Booth was announced at a rally held in the district. Director of the booth, Mr. Huang, condemned Zhou Yongkang, a CCP Central Politburo standing member, for directing the violence in Flushing (a community near New York City with a large Chinese immigrant population) against Falun Gong. Huang said, in response to the CCP's new persecution strategy, that the Sydney Service Centre for Quitting the CCP will open more booths in communities with large Chinese immigrant population to assist people to quit the evil party.

Mr. Huang: More "Quit the CCP" Service Booths will be added in Sydney

Huang said: "The Flushing incident tells us how much the CCP fears the global movement to quit the CCP and it also tells us that this is the right thing to do. The Service Centre is a peaceful organisation that offers a channel for Chinese people to quit the CCP. Members of the center are all volunteers and our mission is to serve the public. We take no payment and we pay all material costs using our own money."

Rui Mei, a volunteer of the Service Booth, said: "The Flushing incident was plotted and directed by the CCP, as it wants to divert public attention from its failures in the earthquake relief effort. During the incident, practitioners' rationality and peacefulness cast a drastic contrast with the CCP agents' violence. Our perseverance will let more people understand the truth and step forward to uphold justice."

Xuerong Zhang is another volunteer at the booth. He said: "I am 79, and I know the CCP very well. When I was just 18, the CCP came to my village and promised us that it would bring us a good life. After the party came into power in 1949, however, everything went the opposite direction. In 1958, the CCP led a "Big Leap Forward" movement which almost destroyed the economy and led to the deaths of tens of millions. At that time, I was a middle-level official in Shanghai. Upon seeing the fact that so many people had starved to death, I said: 'The People's Communes are no good, as so many people have died.' For this truthful comment, I was arrested and put into an isolation cell. The CCP never lets people tell the truth, and I know this fact very well.

"When the Quitting the CCP movement began several years ago, I quit right away and persuaded all my family members and relatives to quit."

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