Appalling conditions in Wanjia Forced Labour Camp

Female Falun Dafa practitioner Lei Chuanqing, 54, was kidnapped and taken to Wanjia Forced Labour Camp and sentenced to one year of forced labour for her continuing determination to practise Falun Gong. She stayed resolute during this period even when surrounded by criminal prisoners and targeted for brainwashing for long periods of time. She was often tortured for practicing the exercises. She was beaten by two male guards when she refused to cooperate by not counting off as she returned from the cafeteria. They hit her more than thirty times in the ribs. Lei Chuanqing was beaten to the ground. Later, a 50-year-old male guard named Liang refused to grant her request to use the toilet. They seized her and severely beat her, causing her to defecate in her pants. Her ribs were in such pain from the beatings that she could not even raise her arms.

On the same day, a 60-year-old female Falun Dafa practitioner named Qu Yan also refused to count off. Qu Yan was sent to the forced labour camp in December 2001 because she went to Beijing twice to rectify the Fa. The team leader disregarded the fact that she could not walk naturally because there was something wrong with her leg and kicked her to the ground. Although Qu Yan had been partially paralysed for over thirty years, the team leader ordered her to stand for over two hours. When she returned to the room, she had great difficulty walking. By dinner time, her legs were swollen, and she had difficulty even bending her legs.

Another female practitioner, 54 years old, was illegally sentenced to one year of forced labour for going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. On July 15, 2001, we started a hunger strike in protest. On the fifth and sixth day, they force-fed us. Since she did not yield to the force-feeding, several male doctors, led by the director of the hospital, took her outside and beat her. Another practitioner was severely beaten by two male doctors for trying to protect the fellow practitioner. The director then ordered the doctors to force-feed them. Whoever didn't cooperate with the force feeding would be severely beaten. He also personally beat Falun Dafa practitioners. At that time, these two particular practitioners were beaten black and blue all over their faces, legs and all over their bodies. Afraid that fellow practitioners might find out the two had been beaten; the officials shut them up in a separate room to continue the force-feeding. When they were allowed to go back one week later, one of these two practitioners, Liu Cuihua, had so much pain in her lower back that she could not walk.

The sanitary condition in Wanjia Forced Labour Camp is very poor. The policemen ordered the Falun Dafa practitioners to live in cells not exposed to the sun. In the winter it was really cold, with water running down the walls, forming ice on the wall that was three centimetres thick. Living in dark rooms for long periods of time, many Falun Dafa practitioners suffered from scabies. Some cases were very severe, and the practitioners could not manage their personal needs with hands and feet so swollen that they could not hold chopsticks or wear shoes. Their bodies oozed with blood and pus, and they could not wear some clothing. The officials always told the practitioners sent to the hospital that they would not charge them for treatment. When the practitioners' families came to visit them, the labour camp always charged the families for medical expenses. One guard,, forced a prisoner, Wang Xiaohong, to beat the practitioners and watch over them. She did not allow them to practice the exercises or study the Fa (The books of Falun Gong). When Wang Xiaohong refused to follow her orders, they prolonged her prison term. The guard, Yu Fangli, frequently beat and cursed the Falun Dafa practitioners at will.


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