Malaysia: Lawyer says that the Beijing Olympics Is Meaningless If a Blind Eye Is Turned toward the Persecution of Falun Gong

Malaysian human rights lawyer Chan Weng Keng wrote an article for the official website of the Malaysian Bar Association describing the Global Human Rights Torch Relay. He stated in the article, "Organised by the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong in China (CIPFG), it is aimed at creating awareness that glorifying the Beijing Olympics this coming August is meaningless if the international community turns a blind eye to the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China."

Mr. Chan Weng Keng wrote an article to the official website of the Malaysian Bar Association concerning the Global Human Rights Torch Relay Mr. Chan (right) taking part in the Human Rights Torch Relay on May 25th

Chan Weng Keng, representing the Malaysian Bar Association Human Rights Committee, attended the Human Rights Torch Relay in Kuala Lumpur and gave a speech. He said at the rally, "The Olympics co-exists with humanity. Everyone who participates in the Olympics must uphold the spirit of peace and humanity, like a grand, harmonious family. We cannot tolerate the fact that some groups are suffering hardships, while other groups pretend that nothing has happened and happily come to participate in the Olympics."

Mr. Chan stated in his article, "The CIPFG is alleging that state institutions and employees of the Chinese government have been harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners who have been persecuted, without the victims' consent, and killing them in the process. There is big money in the commercialisation of organ transplantation surgery.

"In the course of human conduct, it is one thing to see allegations made against one another, for whatever motive or purpose. However it is quite another if the nature of these allegations concerns the taking away of somebody's organs without permission. It is definitely an atrocity that violates the international human rights norms, and it requires prompt and independent inquiry.

"While this is a matter for the relevant agencies of the United Nation and human rights organisations to pursue vigorously, it is worth noting that two individuals committed to upholding human dignity worldwide, have, just about two years ago, taken it upon themselves to conduct an independent investigation into the matter. An international human rights lawyer, David Matas, and the former Secretary of State of the Government of Canada for the Asia Pacific region, David Kilgour, have stated in their report their views that there is truth to these allegations. The Chinese government, however, remains in denial.

"Since then, these allegations have not only not abated but have increased. Hence the necessity for this Global Human Rights Torch Relay, whose purpose is to achieve a higher level of public awareness. The torch was recently in Canada. It arrived in Kuala Lumpur last Sunday and it is now en route to its next destination in Taiwan.

"I took part in this event as an invited speaker and a representative from the Human Rights Committee of the Bar Council. Though this gathering of about 150 people appeared cordial and friendly, the purpose that befitted the theme of the event seemed written on their faces: that the torch relay must take place."

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