Mr. Wang Guiming Died from Torture - His Wife Arrested for Appealing for Him

On February 13th, 2008, Mr. Wang Guiming, a Falun Gong practitioner from Tonghua City, Jilin Province, was arrested by local police and subjected to brutal torture. On February 27th, 2008, he was taken to the Chaoyanggou Forced Labour Camp, where he died two days later, due to torture. The authorities, however, stated that he died a "sudden death." His wife, Ms. Han Fengxia, hired a lawyer and filed a lawsuit with the Suburban Procuratorate in Changchun City. She presented eight doubtful points to show that Mr. Wang did not die of "sudden death," but was actually murdered. Consequently, Ms. Han was arrested from her residence on April 15th, 2008.

The authorities from the labour camp claimed that Mr. Wang died suddenly. They plotted to cremate his body as early as possible to cover the crime, but his family protested. His body is currently in the Chaoyanggou Funeral Home and guarded by police all day.

It was reported that Ms. Han hired a lawyer and filed a lawsuit with the Suburban Procuratorate in Changchun City on March 5th, 2008. After that, authorities from the Tonghua City Police Department held an emergency meeting on March 14th, 2008, and decided to arrest Mr. Wang's wife and other relatives, and sentence them to prison under the trumped-up charge of "making trouble." They also placed Ms. Han's case on file for investigation and prosecution. On April 15th, 2008, Ms. Han was arrested at her residence in Changchun City.

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