Only Divine Thoughts Can Save People, Human Thoughts Cannot

On the afternoon of April 24, I was at the market buying groceries when I saw the principal of the Township Central Elementary School walking toward me. I thought this would be an opportunity to let him know the truth so he could quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and be saved.

I went up to say hello to him and asked, "Principal, have you heard about the 'three withdrawals?'" "What's that?" he asked. I said, " Withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party, the Youth League, and the Young Pioneers." He said, "How do I withdraw?" I said, "If you agree, I can use your nickname or an alias to make the withdrawals for you." He agreed, "Great." I said, "So I will use your first name to help you to withdraw from the CCP?"

He said, "No problem." When he was ready to leave, I told him again, "Falun Dafa is good" and "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good" and can save people's lives. He said that he would remember it and then walked away.

I left the market and walked in the opposite direction. Suddenly I saw the Party secretary of the Township Middle School about 20 meters ahead of me. I knew him well because I had once worked in the township. Meeting two education leaders of the town in one day--what a good opportunity. It must be Teacher who had arranged for the Party secretary to be saved. I needed to save him as soon as possible.

I walked faster to catch up with him, but when I saw his back, I suddenly remembered that we had conflicts with each other when we worked together 20 years ago. He gave me the impression that he was not easy to work with and his personality was strange (actually it was my attachment of jealousy). I thought that if I talked with him about the "three withdrawals," he might have contradictions because of our conflicts before. But I thought again that since I ran into him today, it must be predestined. It would be great if I could persuade him to quit the CCP. If not, at least I would give him the opportunity. Then I caught up with him. I brought up the topic of the "three withdrawals" and asked him if he had ever heard of them. He said, "How can you still believe this?" After I heard him say that, I knew he must have heard of the "three withdrawals." I asked him further whether he thought quitting the Party was right or wrong. He did not answer me directly. Instead, he said that since we had not seen each other for such a long time, why not talk of some other things. I agreed and then told him about the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and the truth that many innocent people died in the Great Cultural Revolution that we both went through. Soon we arrived at his home. I told him to think about it carefully and we could talk about it later. Then we said good-bye.

When I got home, I thought about how Teacher had arranged two predestined persons for me to save. Why did I only save one, but could not save the other one?

In the evening, I studied Zhuan Falun(This book comprises the principal teachings of Falun Dafa). Teacher said in "Qigong Psychosis" in the Sixth Talk:

"When you always think that you've got health problems, you might just give yourself health problems. That's because your character has dropped to the level of an ordinary person, and of course ordinary people do get health problems."

I suddenly remembered what I had been thinking when I clarified the truth to those two people. When I clarified the truth to the principal, I did not think of anything else. I just had a very natural and calm talk with him. I saved him after just a few words (at that time, I was unconsciously in a divine state of "no pursuit"). But when I clarified the truth to the Party secretary, it was just like what Teacher said, "You always think that you've got health problems." I had all those human thoughts even before I started to clarify the truth to him, such as I about my previous conflicts with him, that he gave me a strange impression, that was not easy to work with, that he would not accept it if I told him about the "three withdrawals." I had it in my mind that if I told him the truth, he might not accept it and might not want to quit the CCP. As a result I did not persuade him to quit the CCP. This is just like Teacher said, "When you always think that you've got health problems, you might just give yourself health problems..." Why did this happen? "That's because your character has dropped to the level of an ordinary person." In other words, I was just an ordinary person at that time. An ordinary person cannot save another ordinary person. In that state, I certainly could not save the Party secretary.

That is why Teacher arranged those two people for me to save, but I only saved one. The reason is that my thoughts were different when I talked to each person, which brought about different results. From this, I understood that only divine thoughts can save people, human thoughts cannot save people.

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