On Being "Busy"

The word "busy" is one of the most frequently used words in people's daily life, for both practitioners and non-practitioners.

For non-practitioners, everyone has his or her own things to do, which occupy them and keep them busy. There are seldom rules that tell us which thing is the most important, which one is next, and so on.

However, the word "busy" has a different meaning for practitioners. Practitioners have many things to do. When we are "busy," or when our own personal interests conflict with doing the three things well, it is our choice where we use the word "busy."

If we think our personal interests are more important, if we think we would lose some personal benefits if we didn't take care of our personal things first, then I think the use of the word "busy" is solely a hiding place for our strong human attachments. The use of the word "busy" has become an excuse to hide our attachments and to protect our attachments.

If we always choose the Fa first, then the use of the word "busy" becomes different. If we consider validating the teachings of Falun Dafa and saving sentient beings as more important than any other things, then our hearts are selfless. This attitude raises our xinxing (character) level, and it brings us into a process of giving up our human attachments. Although we may lose some personal benefits, do we know what we get in return? I think every true practitioner knows the answer.

I now understand more and more how important the word "busy" is for a practitioner. Through being "busy" we can better cultivate while conforming to society, we can do many things for Dafa and show the beauty of Dafa. Through being "busy," we can save more sentient beings during the limited time we have and validate the Fa as well. My fellow practitioners, let's all become "busy"! Especially now that it is the spring plowing season in the countryside, it is the busiest time for practitioners there. Do not ignore the three things when "busy" with your own farm work!

Let's not forget our duties and vows. Let's not disappoint Master!

The above are only some of my thoughts. I hope these thoughts are helpful for our improvement as one body. It is our duty to stay "busy." Please point out anything improper.

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