Germany: More Responses to the Chinese Spectacular in Munich

The Divine Performing Arts troupe had their final show the Chinese Spectacular” on April 19th in Munich’s Prinzregenten Theatre before they returned to New York in the USA. The theatre is a mixture of architectural styles, combining Art Nouveau and classical features.

The visitors were enthusiastic about the performance:

Brigitte Langer, a musical therapist from Munich was very pleased with the performances: “It was lovely to watch, it was so graceful, we don’t usually see this gracefulness around here! The costumes were lovely! I especially liked the piece about the moon, what a lovely idea.”

When asked about the ‘Drummers of the Tang Court” Brigitte Langer was quiet initially. She then explained that she had been obliged to listen to drumming at the English Garden for many hours but then she smiled and said: “Well, if they were to drum like they did tonight (during the performance) at the English Garden, I wouldn’t have to move away from there. The Alto soloist was wonderful; I could hardly believe how well that lady was singing!” She smiled and said: “It almost seems like she was trained right here in Munich, people learn to sing like this right here.” (The Alto soloist, Jiansheng Yang was trained in China and Hamburg.)

"They seem to be floating on stage"

Eduard Herzig, an electrical engineer and his wife, Gabriele Herzig who are both professionally independent, were very talkative, and freely shared their impressions of the show. Eduard Herzig: “In fact, I liked everything.” Gabriele Herzig joyfully said, “I liked everything, including the music. I really liked the Mongolian dances with the tea cups (“Mongolian Bowl Dance”). It was very impressive, feasts for the eyes, the others were beautiful too, but this one did it for me because of the beautiful exit.” Her husband spontaneously added: “Yes, I was watching it. They are walking on the heels of their feet. It makes it so beautiful. It looks like they are floating on stage; it is fantastic, quite wonderful. The other dances were good too.”

The couple was very impressed by the drums and the inner contents of the performances.

"It is not just a show; there is a lot of accumulated energy"

Hermann Seitz, a musician and conductor of a symphony orchestra heard about the performance through a friend who was collecting signatures for Falun Gong and who invited him to the performance. “I really liked the accumulated energy. I had the impression that people were looking at themselves. You could see it in their movements and in their faces. It was based on accumulating a lot of energy. It is not just for show because I wouldn’t have liked that. I really liked the impression I got,” said the musician. He especially liked the “light and grace” performance where you could see fans floating as softly as clouds and water. He said: “I liked the first part, where they represented water. It wasn’t obnoxious, it consisted of accumulated energy.”

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