Mr. Cao Jianshan of Huizhou City, Guangdong Province, Sentenced to a Forced Labour Camp

On August 1st, 2007, Falun Gong practitioner Cao Jianshan of Huizhou City, Guangdong Province (originally from Heilongjiang Province), went to Xihuliri Shopping Centre in Huizhou City to hand out leaflets exposing the persecution of Falun Gong. He was arrested by security guards and taken to Qiaoxi Police Station for interrogation. That same night, Yang Weiliang and He Wuwei of the Domestic Security Brigade of Huicheng District Police Sub-Bureau accompanied 20 police officers to Mr. Cao's home. Ms. Cao, who was already in bed, was terrified by the police intruding into her home. She suffered a heart attack when Yang Weiliang and another police officer dragged her from her room.

Police officers ransacked the home, confiscating two computers, one printer, and Falun Gong books.

Following this incident, Mr. Cao was detained at Huicheng District Gutangao Detention Centre for 31 days. His family were not allowed to visit him until February 2008. Police bureau officers told the family that they would put Mr. Cao in a forced labour camp for one year. During their many interactions, Domestic Security Brigade team leader Yang Weiliang was very rude to Mr. Cao's family. The family noticed that Mr. Cao's hands, feet and face appeared to be swollen and so they requested a medical release for him. Yang Liangwei denied their request.

In March 2008, Mr. Cao's family hired a lawyer to pursue a not-guilty appeal for him. The lawyer and Mr. Cao's family went to the police bureau to look for Yang Weiliang and He Wuwei. They demanded that a permit be granted allowing the lawyer to meet with Mr. Cao at the detention centre.

Later, without going through the police bureau, the lawyer and Mr. Cao's family were able to meet with him. The lawyer was then able to collect all the necessary details for his case. Officials at the Huicheng District Police Sub-Bureau began to interfere with Mr. Cao's lawyer. Due to repeated harassment and threats, his lawyer withdrew from the case and terminated his legal contract with Mr. Cao's family.

April 2nd, 2008, was a designated family visiting day for prisoners at Gutangao Detention Centre. Mr. Cao's family went to visit him but when they got there, they were told that Mr. Cao had just been transferred to Guangdong Province Sanshui Forced Labour Camp. Currently nobody knows the situation of Mr. Cao at Sanshui Forced Labour Camp.

Persons and departments responsible:

Huicheng District Domestic Security Brigade Leader Yang Weiliang: 86-13802872655.
Huicheng District Domestic Security Brigade office: 86-752-2249407.
Guangdong Province Sanshui Forced Labour Camp: 86-757-87318294.
Huizhou Gutangao Detention Centre: 86-752-2274950, 86-752-2274908.
Huicheng District Qiaoxi Police Station: 86-752-2230447

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